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  1. Fuss please leave your school work for now as i'm going to be sacked by Wolves. Cannot win a game for love nor money. Since the patch It is definately not as effective. Cheers
  2. Fuss, i had this conversation with Cleon the other night about direct or shorter passing for lower league teams. Cleon is of the opinion that direct football is far better in the lower leagues which i disagreed with him at the time, but after studying the match engine I now know what he is saying and much prefer to play direct football in the lower leagues. According to the manual short passing teams are the dominant teams in the division who have good passing stamina etc, Direct not long is suited to teams who want to catch teams on break with pace etc. Anyway tried ur version 3 with my te
  3. Has anyone tried this tactic with lower league teams and if so do u change the team passing to more direct and high tempo
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