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  1. hi mate, its in the match events file.
  2. I'm unsure what you mean mate.
  3. I've been editing the sound files for the game and adding in live audio commentary but need some help. could someone within SI explain what the below means <integer id="isst" value="0"/>need to know what this is <integer id="flsh" value="0"/> i know this is flashing text <integer id="rtct" value="0"/> need to know what this is <integer id="pbtl" value="210"/> need to know what this is <string id="sdon" value=""/> i know this is sound one <string id="sdtw" value=""/> i know this i
  4. just a quick question guys and gals am i the only one that has noticed that the shot power is massively overpowered ? shots hitting the net from 30 yards out before the keeper has even moved? just doesn't seem right or realistic ?
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