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  1. Could Jong Il-Gwan (23133766 - Korea DPR) be reactivated? He apparently has been deactivated, but sources suggest he rejoined Rimyongsu (5622840) after he left Switzerland. He still is a member of the national team . Thanks in advance
  2. If there comes a 1930 version of the database, I will update the facepack
  3. Does the facepack work for other people? Because I haven't got this issue...
  4. As promised, here is my Japanese facepack, containing 1000 cut-outs. JAPANESE FACEPACK Everybody who has other or better cut-outs, please share them. @Fox I you want, feel free to add this to your opening post, so people can download the facepack directly.
  5. Foss normally seems to delete the original ID's when players are duplicated, so I think the ID's should remain the same
  6. Ok no problem, I will have a look and release a facepack in the following days. @CrowBar great work on your research!
  7. Steff13, I seem to have the same ID's as CrowBar mentioned. Perhaps you have another database included? You are collecting new photos? Aren't you starting with the facepack of last year? I have a facepack with +/- 900 pictures (facepack of last year + some of my own work) where I only need to change the old ID's. If needed, I will change the ID's and share the facepack. Finally, @Foss, Yuta Koike (Sint-Truiden) seems to be duplicated
  8. Foss, just noticed some (North Korean) duplicates: - An Yong-Hak (778157 & 1915388569) - Ryang Kyu-Sa (5701524 & 1915388982)
  9. I personally think the most important is that these players aren't included currently, and it would be great to have a full database were no nations are excluded.
  10. I have already made a big Japanese facepack using the cut-outs prepared in this thread, but correcting their ID's, so the cut-outs can be included in the Megapack Cut-Outs of Sortitoutsi. I'm waiting to release this pack untill we have more info on the data.
  11. They are unique ID's, I checked with the Megapack (facepack) & with the editor. Also players who were deactivated show up again with their original (correct) ID, so it are not fictional ID's. Really, if I base myself on the data from Sortitoutsi, I would really think the players have been included for FM19. But in order to be included in the database, they should show up in the Beta if you start a random game where you include the full details for Japan. I haven't seen any confirmation for that.
  12. OK thank you, we will see once the full game (& editor) comes out. I only find it strange that sortitoutsi added full Japanese squads of players (with unique ID's) in their online database. Normally, their data is the same as in the official database.
  13. Could be that the league is not selectable, but the most important thing is if the players are in the database or not. Have you started a game with full details on Japan? Then you could check if for exemple Iniesta shows up in the game or not. If so, when the full game comes out, we only need to have a small file making the Japanese leagues playable.
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