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  1. I can't say I agree with your statement: I think you put it too extreme, clubs aren't always forced to sell most of their best players to break even. Look for exemple at the squads of Club Brugge & Genk: they managed to keep most of their key players. They sell, but have the opportunity to re-invest. The fact that Genk had to sell Pozuelo to Toronto, wasn't mainly because Genk just needed the money, but because Pozuelo saw a financial opportunity for himself. Belgian finances seem to be unrealistically horrible in the game in my opinion. Realistic transfers like Sanneh (8M) or Rezaei (5M) don't seem to be possible to happen in game for Belgian teams.
  2. If there comes a 1930 version of the database, I will update the facepack
  3. Ok thank you for the info. Maybe he can be activated for now as an unattached player?
  4. Lenny (320577) has been transferred to Khonkaen FC (Thailand) on 2/1/19. https://www.transfermarkt.com/lenny/profil/spieler/45711 Could he be activated and transferred please?
  5. Dawid Janczyk (ID 719597 - deactivated) plays for Odra Wodzisław Śląski. https://www.tuwodzislaw.pl/wiadomosci,dawid-janczyk-w-odrze-wodzislaw,wia5-3270-18545.html
  6. Does the facepack work for other people? Because I haven't got this issue...
  7. As promised, here is my Japanese facepack, containing 1000 cut-outs. JAPANESE FACEPACK Everybody who has other or better cut-outs, please share them. @Fox I you want, feel free to add this to your opening post, so people can download the facepack directly.
  8. Foss normally seems to delete the original ID's when players are duplicated, so I think the ID's should remain the same
  9. Ok no problem, I will have a look and release a facepack in the following days. @CrowBar great work on your research!
  10. Steff13, I seem to have the same ID's as CrowBar mentioned. Perhaps you have another database included? You are collecting new photos? Aren't you starting with the facepack of last year? I have a facepack with +/- 900 pictures (facepack of last year + some of my own work) where I only need to change the old ID's. If needed, I will change the ID's and share the facepack. Finally, @Foss, Yuta Koike (Sint-Truiden) seems to be duplicated
  11. Foss, just noticed some (North Korean) duplicates: - An Yong-Hak (778157 & 1915388569) - Ryang Kyu-Sa (5701524 & 1915388982)
  12. Patrick Tshiani (18075791) (deactivated) plays for South Georgia Tormenta FC https://www.uslpdl.com/roster_players/25560054?subseason=482928
  13. Hello, I've send you some PM's concerning data corrections in the Belgian lower leagues. Could you reply please so I can continue my research? Thank you in advance.
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