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  1. You can't say player prices aren't getting more inflated. Young players who show world class potential like Mbappe and Dembele are going for 100m+, with Lemar nearly going for 90 on deadline day. That simply wouldn't have happened 5 years ago. These aren't world class players like Bale and Ronaldo, these are potentially world class players. Yet they are going for far higher fees. The figures quoted in the inital post seem entirely within the realms of possibility to me.
  2. Leicester at first, to get to grips with the game and should be an interesting game trying to get back into Europe following last year's adventure. I fancy another game with a top European club at some point as well, maybe somewhere with a lot of young talent like Monaco or Leipzig. Will then drop down and try a journeyman save or bring a League 1/2 team up to prominence.
  3. That's fine, but the issues you're moaning about won't get fixed if they aren't reported in the correct place with necessary evidence.
  4. You should raise this with the .pkm in the bugs forum if you want it to be looked at.
  5. What's the timeline usually for the first update to the beta? Is it usually just the release date of the game or could there be an update before that?
  6. No they wont unfortunately. Need to be on this list: http://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
  7. Not sure if a bug so I'll stick it in here. On previous FM's I've been able to load 50k players without any problems, on a 5 star game speed. This year, despite having 16GB RAM and an I7 6th gen processor, my game speed is fairly low (2 stars for about 40k players). Is this correct or is the game just reading it wrong? Dxdiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  8. I remember last year I pre-ordered the game through amazon and got sent a download code on the day of the beta release, however this year there's is only a hard copy option. Will there be a download code option via amazon to pre-order this year?
  9. So... Keepers look like they've been remodeled in the match engine Data analysts at the club Heat maps Revamp of media items Lots of green in the new skin Players studying for coaching qualifications before retiring
  10. Leicester, with a massive transfer budget and Champions League football! After that, possibly Schalke, who I always seem to have a save with and then a journeyman save around Europe.
  11. Just read everything, amazed at your perseverance. Unfortunate how this bug with the league ranking is limiting you, but still a fascinating read start to finish.
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