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  1. Cagliari Calcio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cagliari
  2. Surely charge £10 for the FMC editor or something. We'll never know what they make from DLC, but if something like the new stadium DLC is the most popular just make the editor incapable of editing stadiums. I'm disappointed that the only real changes to FMC seem to be adding back extra stuff from FM, which seemed to defeat the purpose of FMC in the first place.
  3. I agree with the above, great program and he comes across as nice person. edit: His friend comes across as a complete dick with no manners though.
  4. Not a single person in that list thought Rooney at 32 would be in the team, and the article says he won't even get in the team. That's wrong to start with.
  5. Open Letters used to actually have a meaning. Now it just means "This person will never read my letter to him, so I'll just release to the public instead"
  6. FIFA decide the 10 nominations, but the winner is decided by the media. Let's blame FIFA anyway though
  7. It was on their website along with the usual pre-match build up they've done with every match of the tournament.
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