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  1. When can we expect that update? Since you say you have it fixed, any chance it can be pushed out earlier? The game has been pretty much unplayable due to this from day 1.
  2. I saw on another forum that some people seem to have similar issues. Have you also played with Real Madrid? They're the team I play most with, but I have also had it happen with other teams and players (ex. RVP at Man U or Mertens at Napoli). I am currently short on free time, so I quickly set up a few games and put them into holiday mode using different training for each (first time I put it all on more intensive, then more medium and then even tried low for most of them). This is a time where they don't really play any games, so overplaying and overtraining doesn't seem to be an issue. And in my experience so far, I haven't been able to get the stamina of these players back up even after a whole season (during which they didn't play much due to the low stamina). Over the holidays I should have more time, so I will set up a game and take care of it more and then send you the save. Meanwhile, could you try doing the same thing I just did above? Maybe just leaving the training at their stock settings. I don't know, it just feel very weird, I have been playing since FMH11 and never encountered anything like this.
  3. Ha, well about that... I deleted all my saves after I got really frustrated about it last time. I will start another one (as soon as I have some more time) and try to get through at least one season and send it to you then. But so far this has happened on literally every single save I did. I run it on an iPhone 5 and iPad mini 2 (both on iOS 8) and use the new match engine on both (if that has any effect on it).
  4. Good day, I have had FMH15 since day one of it's release, and while I enjoy it a lot, I seem to be having a big issue with stamina. No matter how I set up my training, some players have their stamina drop like a rock within the first months of the season (like from 15-18 to 5-8). Then, no matter what I do, it doesn't seem to want to change. As an example, as I mostly play with Real Madrid, I have had this happen on every single save so far with Modric and Isco and in recent saves a bit later on it seems to catch onto Jese and some other players as well. I have had this issue with other teams as well. As such, is anyone else having issues like this? Is this a problem with the training methods I use or is this a bug in the game? It just seems weird that the same players suffer from it no matter what training I use.
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