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  1. My suggestions.... End of Season Report – Add Chairman comments and Manager has to reply – i.e. Chairman thinks you’ve had a disappointing season, Manager replies with what he thinks. Special Player request – Manager can request the Board buy/negotiate with a high profile player – i.e. Ronaldo to Real Madrid Transfers – Ability to be able to combine bids for players from the same team plus add promises for players i.e. Ronaldinho will be signing soon etc Manager Team Meeting – Currently can ask players to call team meeting but manager cannot interact with team apart from at games Tactics board - Ability to be able to "Pin up" your preferred formation and first 11. Then add reserves or backup players for each position. Useful for national team squad selection and also when trimming down big squads. Transfer and Loan back – teams can buy players on the agreement they loan then back for the rest of the season i.e. Walcott to Arsenal. Manager interview after game? Press conference before? Board Meeting each month including Manager – Questions to answer? Partnerships - show stats of players when playing together – like the compare option? Could show defence with most clean sheets when playing together, strikers with most goals etc
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