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  1. The throw ins drive me insane. A number of times, my player throws the ball directly to the opponent, who then hits one through ball for their striker to run through and score on the counter attack!!
  2. It's driving me insane. I've lost count at the number of times my player throws it straight to the opposing player, who then hits one through ball for their striker to run through to score on the counter attack!!
  3. The board will accept or reject other requests while giving a valid reason, which is fine and realistic, I'm aware not every request is going to be accepted. However, I have requested extra coaches on several occasions and it doesn't matter how much convincing or insisting I do, my request always gets declined. My players are currently complaining about my coaching staff not getting improved. I can't bring in better coaches without terminating the contracts of my existing coaches and my coaches current workloads are heavy. Is anyone else having this issue and if so, please can this b
  4. Just played a FA Cup semi final match, used my 3rd sub during the 90 minutes and the 3rd sub got injured after 82 minutes. Obviously, I can't make a fourth sub during the 90 minutes. However, the game went to extra time, meaning should be able to make a fourth sub. I was still not allowed to sub the injured player, but I could still sub a different player to make a fourth sub. Not being able to sub the injured player left me with 10 men. The game went to penalties, not one of my players scored a penalty and I lost on penalties 3-0. I've quit without saving, I can't accept this bug ro
  5. Here's my young striker, who signed for 4.3 million in January and I instantly loaned him out to a team in the English Championship division (I'm in the Premiership). He's developing nicely and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing lots of positive arrows, but I worry his determination will drop and he won't develop into the superstar I hope he can become. I will get him in the first team next season and take Rashidi's advice not to overplay him, then see what happens.
  6. Thanks for your responses. They're all very lengthy, helpful responses and I appreciate you all taking your time out to help me with your advice. This striker I've loaned out with a 20 determination stat, I really think can become a world class striker if he continues to develop. He's both footed as well which helps. I'm into April in my current season, so I can't recall him from his loan spell. I hope he still has 20 determination when his loan spell finishes and then I will spend next season gradually introducing him to the first team. I will post the striker this evening, just so I can keep
  7. This is driving me insane. I've had a couple of promising youngsters coming through who I loaned out to continue developing. I mean the best way to develop a youngster is to send him out on loan to play games, right? I had a centre midfielder who was developing well with a determination stat of 18. Within 1 season being sent out on loan, this players determination stat has dropped to 14. The players stats over the last 2 months of my save have steadily declined. I don't think this player will improve any further. I've checked out each player in this team and the highest determi
  8. What role do you play him in on the left wing? Inside forward attacking? I'm currently playing him in a right wing attacking role. He's very inconsistent for me and doesn't stop getting injured, but then after several poor performances, he will score a hat-trick in a cup final, so I put up with him and his 450k a week wages.
  9. On his current stats, I do agree he should be an advanced playmaker on attack. However, if his dribbling goes up to 15-16, he will also be a massive threat on the left, cutting in on his right foot to hit a long shot or play a through ball. A player like this should play well in any attacking midfield position. I just think a player like this needs to be central to get as involved as possible on the ball.
  10. He's a centre midfield advance playmaker. Those physicals plus those passing, vision and long shot stats means he should be physically dominating and controlling the game in the centre, splitting defences open with his passing and vision, plus chipping in with some long range goals. A player like this needs to be in the middle as involved as possible, not stuck out wide.
  11. Sign Rhian Brewster and Mason Greenwood on loan.
  12. Yes, the player is always made available for under 18 and under 23 games and I do have Kristoffer Ajer, who is my captain and has a significant influence on the mentoring group. I also have De Ligt in the mentoring group and Kieran Tierney (determination of 19 with a driven personality), so I think I have some top defenders who should be a strong influence.
  13. Thanks for this, I have quite a few team leaders with high determination and strong personalities. I will try fining the player for bad training performances and see if that makes any difference.
  14. That's interesting you've said that about the mentoring, it's doing nothing for me either. I moved this youngster into the first team squad earlier than I should have, but I have a very determined first team squad and I was hoping making this youngster regularly train with the first team would have helped him develop quicker and increased his determination. It hasn't worked and loaning him out hasn't made any difference either. He was developing nicely in the under 18s squad so I'm wondering if I pushed him into the first team squad too early and ruined him? His personality is "fairly ambitiou
  15. The issue I'm having is raising a youngsters determination. I add them to a mentoring group full of players with high determination, but the youngsters determination is still lucky to go up one or two stats. I had a very promising right back coming through who only had a start of 8 for determination. His determination has risen to 9 over the 3 seasons he's been with me, I've loaned him out but now he's got injured and now at 18, he hasn't improved anywhere near as much as I wanted him to because of his low determination and poor attitude to training. If I criticise his training, he says I unfa
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