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  1. Is he worth 70 million? If I do sign him, I will be playing him right back. I want my right back to have good physical stats with good pace, strength, jumping and heading. A right back who is solid, can head crosses away and defend against pacey, tricky dribblers like Mbappe, Neymar etc. Tomori seems to tick all the boxes, he has all the stats I want in a right back, but 70 million is a lot of money. Can any of you experts advise please?
  2. I've just done 2 posts complaining about my frustrations with the game. However, I can't see any bug here. You only had 5 shots on target, so you can't complain about failing to score. The SI team have enough bugs to sort out as it is and they can do without reading the nonsense you've just posted. There is no bug in the example you've provided.
  3. Nothing more frustrating than putting together a game plan to restrict your superior opponent, then late on you concede to a free header from a set piece because nobody decides to mark him or challenge for the header. I find it's the inswinging crosses I concede from most. I'm not disputing players can get left unmarked, but for this to happen for the vast majority of games is unrealistic and it's another bug which needs resolving.
  4. The ridiculous amount of injuries (especially training ground injuries) along with the bug with the number of cards given out, leading to continual suspensions means you currently need a minimum of 3 squads to be able to field a team. I currently have 5 wingers in my squad, all 5 are injured so I'm now playing players out of position. I'm having to retrain players on opposite sides of the pitch and the only traits I'm adding to players is developing their weaker foot so they have more versatility. Add on the restrictions of only being able to name 25 players in a Premiership squad, it's impossible to play FM2020. Over half my squad are under 21 players so they don't count towards the regulations, meaning I currently have a squad of 38 players. I know these bugs have been reported multiple times, so I really hope this can be fixed soon as the game is impossible to play. You can't pick a settled 11, which ruins continuity and no matter how much depth you try to add to your squad, injuries and suspensions put a stop to you hoping to achieve any good run of results because of continual disruptions. The number of times I've had players being injured for a few months because of a "robust challenge in training" is driving me insane. It's training ffs! There shouldn't be any robust challenges in training! In real life, players look out for one another in training, there might be the odd freak injury, but not injuries every week! If there are any robust challenges in training in real life, it's headline news. Think John Hartson on Eyal Berkovic. Apart from those isolated incidents, robust challenges in training only occur once in a blue moon, not every week causing continual injuries! I have good training facilities and coaches, so this should simply not be happening! I understand the team are working on this, so I will be taking a break from the game and try again in a couple of months. It's not as if I can keep playing the game anyway, as I have no players left!
  5. How's Josh Tymon doing for you mate? I've just signed him for 10 million at the beginning of my third season. I'm hoping he will continue to improve and develop into a top left back for me. Fantastic thread by the way, I've really enjoyed reading it.
  6. Harry Kane joined Man City for 108 million, who then decided to play him as a left inside forward.
  7. Thanks for your replies and suggestions everyone. I've managed to sign Justin Kluivert for 5.75 million after Roma placed him on the transfer list, so I will see how he does.
  8. Thanks for your response. Despite me running large database, only 3 real Dinamo under 19 players display on my save among a load of fake players making up the rest of their squad. Not sure why this is, as a large database on my FM19 save did display Marin and the rest of the Dinamo under 19 squad. I suppose on FM20, I must select the Croatia league to be active for Marin to display?
  9. On FM19, Antonio Marin was one of the must have bargains and gave me many seasons of joy twisting and turning full backs inside and out. I've just searched for the player on FM20 and I can't find him? I've checked Dinamo's squad and I see other successful FM19 Dinamo players like Dani Olmo are listed, but Antonio Marin appears to be missing? I'm playing with a large database, so I don't understand why he's missing? Does anyone else have the same issue? It's annoying, because I really need a good wide player!
  10. Just played a top of a table clash, I'm 1-0 up, win a penalty and what a surprise, the keeper saves it! The penalty ratio was just below 50/50 during the first few months of my season, but my save appears to have gone crazy, as my last 5 penalties have all been saved, either with my player bizarrely kicking it straight down the middle (this happens way too much), or the keeper guessing the right way. My opponent is then gifted a penalty in the second half. I say gifted, because a low cross was hit into the box and my defender is stood next to their striker and puts no challenge in. The penalty was given because my defender was "holding" their striker apparently. No bother though, as they will miss their penalty too right...although they scored! The game finished 1-1, my midfielder got sent off for a push when challenging for a header, how that's a sending off offence is beyond me! I'm now restarting the game, as the game has ridiculously cheated me and I simply can't accept what just happened!
  11. The summer transfer window just closed on my save, I've made several new signings and I was even the most active club in my division. So imagine my surprise at my press conference following the closure of the transfer window, with a journalist asking me a question along the lines of "it's been a quiet transfer window, how will you reassure the fans moving forwards?", or words to that effect. I couldn't really select an answer as all answers were relating to a lack of signings, so I just selected no comment. I have to mention this as I think it is a bug, although I appreciate there are some idiotic reporters out there In real life who do ask some insane questions!
  12. I just had what seemed a perfectly good goal disallowed for offside, but because the goal came from a 25 yard through ball and the replay showing the "evidence" selected the wrong camera angle; I couldn't even see my striker and the last defender in the replay at the exact time the through ball was played, so I have no idea if it was offside or not.
  13. I've seen 11 penalties on my save so far, one in a friendly which was saved and 10 in a penalty shootout where 5 were scored and 5 were saved. So 5 out of 11 penalties have been scored so far and 6 out of 11 penalties have been saved. Interestingly, out of the 11 penalties, not one penalty has missed the target so far, which I also think is unrealistic. A penalty can go over or wide surely, especially in penalty shootouts when defenders have to step up?
  14. I'm in the exact same position, I signed Rhian Brewster on loan and he missed 5 one on ones in his first game. I won 1-0, but Brewster had a rating of 6.0 because of all his missed one on ones and their keeper had man of the match. I think the majority of opposing keepers will be picking up man of the matches with this current bug and my striker will always be my lowest rated player with all the one on ones missed.
  15. It happened to me all the time on FM19 when a keeper saved a shot, pushing the ball away and my player used to run to the loose ball and stand still until the opposing defender run to my player to tackle him and clear the ball away. I didn't complain back then because it was only a minor bug and as the mod above says, a player could run at full speed to keep the ball in play, but then struggle to put the brakes on or be off balanced trying to turn quickly at pace. I came back on this forum to post my frustrations about the one on ones bug, but I see that's already been reported by several others. The match engine seems far slicker to me though, so I'm very happy overall.
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