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  1. What role do you play him in on the left wing? Inside forward attacking? I'm currently playing him in a right wing attacking role. He's very inconsistent for me and doesn't stop getting injured, but then after several poor performances, he will score a hat-trick in a cup final, so I put up with him and his 450k a week wages.
  2. On his current stats, I do agree he should be an advanced playmaker on attack. However, if his dribbling goes up to 15-16, he will also be a massive threat on the left, cutting in on his right foot to hit a long shot or play a through ball. A player like this should play well in any attacking midfield position. I just think a player like this needs to be central to get as involved as possible on the ball.
  3. He's a centre midfield advance playmaker. Those physicals plus those passing, vision and long shot stats means he should be physically dominating and controlling the game in the centre, splitting defences open with his passing and vision, plus chipping in with some long range goals. A player like this needs to be in the middle as involved as possible, not stuck out wide.
  4. Sign Rhian Brewster and Mason Greenwood on loan.
  5. Yes, the player is always made available for under 18 and under 23 games and I do have Kristoffer Ajer, who is my captain and has a significant influence on the mentoring group. I also have De Ligt in the mentoring group and Kieran Tierney (determination of 19 with a driven personality), so I think I have some top defenders who should be a strong influence.
  6. Thanks for this, I have quite a few team leaders with high determination and strong personalities. I will try fining the player for bad training performances and see if that makes any difference.
  7. That's interesting you've said that about the mentoring, it's doing nothing for me either. I moved this youngster into the first team squad earlier than I should have, but I have a very determined first team squad and I was hoping making this youngster regularly train with the first team would have helped him develop quicker and increased his determination. It hasn't worked and loaning him out hasn't made any difference either. He was developing nicely in the under 18s squad so I'm wondering if I pushed him into the first team squad too early and ruined him? His personality is "fairly ambitious"at the moment, so I'm hoping he has the desire to at least improve a little bit. I just need to know the best way to develop him.
  8. The issue I'm having is raising a youngsters determination. I add them to a mentoring group full of players with high determination, but the youngsters determination is still lucky to go up one or two stats. I had a very promising right back coming through who only had a start of 8 for determination. His determination has risen to 9 over the 3 seasons he's been with me, I've loaned him out but now he's got injured and now at 18, he hasn't improved anywhere near as much as I wanted him to because of his low determination and poor attitude to training. If I criticise his training, he says I unfairly single him out and then his morale drops. There doesn't appear anything you can do. Unless your youngsters have good determination, you have no hope of developing them into good players.
  9. Definitely worth it at that price. Not sure what system you play, but I play a 3 man midfield of Camavinga as my DMC, with Tonali as my box to box alongside an advanced playmaker. You could play a similar setup, but even if you don't play Camavinga regularly, you'll still be able to sell him on for a profit, so you're effectively buying money.
  10. I've had him on my shortlist for 3 seasons. His release clause is currently 155 million and even when he requested a transfer, he was listed for 130 million! He looks a super player who I would love to have, but he's always been out of my price range. I agree he's intriguing, as he's one of those players who seems impossible to sign. Golovan is another player I would love who has a ridiculous release clause.
  11. How much money do you have to spend? Nicolo Barella from Inter is excellent if you can afford to splash out.
  12. Seko Fofana did a great job for me. He may be a year or 2 older than 24 though, but he's fantastic value and ticks all the boxes.
  13. Agree with this, although I would loved to have been able to sign Milenkovic to be my rock solid right back. I don't see any winger getting past him with his stats. To answer the OP, I bought De Ligt for 90 million during my fourth season. A lot of money, but why spend 66 million on Sule when De Ligt, the best centre back on the game, can give you several seasons of top class performances?
  14. I can't really pick a wonderkid 11, as I started my save in the English Championship and I wasn't paying attention to wonderkids as I had no chance of signing any during my first couple of seasons. However, based on the players I've seen by season 2024-2025, my team using your system is: GK Donnarumma RB Trent RCB Ajer LCB Todibo LB De Ligt CDM Camavinga LCM Tonali RCM Olmo RW Buitink LW Mbappe PF Haaland
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