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  1. Are there improvements to the game speed on Mac? Thinking of all, including mine, bug reports in the mac issues section.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The thing is I want him to focus on other areas. I'll se where it takes me (or him).
  3. Can a player develop a new position by only play in that position or do I have to train him in that position too? Thanks in advance pemell
  4. Ah sorry. But if you have a look at the second screenshot I posted you see from where many shots came from.
  5. I said many where long shots and MANY WHERE NOT. Look at my screenshots above please.
  6. Dagenhame_Dave you being such a wise guy. Tell me how this is possible not a single goal was scored. IT'S UNREALISTIC. How many times do I need to tell you this. I approached the game PERFECTLY. You can see this from the stats and from where my shots came from.
  7. So, you're saying it's a realistic result. That's funny, because it's not. And I'm not tactically ********. Playing this game since 95 has given me the opportunity to play through all kinds of match engines and I made my very best approaching this game, and watching the stats it was a pretty good approach. 32 shots, 17 on target is almost 50% on target. Many where long shots but many was not. They where just not able to put one ball in from 32 attempts. And that is not realistic.
  8. You are being the negative person around here. I'm uploading a screenshot showing how the game with the current patch is unrealistic. How is that moan moan moan. So start show some respect.
  9. For real Cougar2010 show some respect and ask me instead HOW I approached the game. Look at the stats. Loosing this game is unrealistic. Tell me you seen this kind of stats in real life anytime with the team loosing. You might find one or two games, but as I say it sure is unrealistic. Did you even look at my screenshot?
  10. With this new patch I once again had a result like this. Look at the result and look at the match stats. UNREALISTIC SI!
  11. What your saying is basically Everton got the perfect squad to suit this tactic as you did wonders with them.
  12. @GlesgaKillie you never change the mentality from overload?
  13. Also, what's up with the long term injuries? Just had 3 long term the last couple of weeks. One 3-4 months and two 5-6 months. Coincidence or a bug?
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