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  1. Are there improvements to the game speed on Mac? Thinking of all, including mine, bug reports in the mac issues section.
  2. So Fuss, I adore your tactical approach to FM and I now wonder if we can wait for you to create a tactic to 08 as the official patch is out? Regards Pemell
  3. *bump up this wonderful thread about a wonderful tactic* I am in a winning streak with blackburn with this. Won the premiership last year and the CL, and now i'm on my way winning both again!
  4. Hello FuSS! I don't see you around here as often as i use too, and i'm wondering if you got some new tactic going on or if youre on a fm-siesta? Cheers!!
  5. Yes, I am very curious to! Looking forward to the new release as I am very happy with the last ones though I think we all need a new one more tweaked to the patch. Good work Mr.Fuss
  6. I want to now if there is any differens if i choose to pass to the target man at his feets or head?
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