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  1. This is how I write so sorry for the inconviniance But I get U As I said, I have been playing this for many years and I did cheat from time to time but I also found out that the best way to do things is to go along with the results whatever they are. In my pericular case, second relaod made my position better and I am "bitC hing" about it... I was just saying that I as manager did absolutely nothing different and the game tok me to 2 different paths which my contribution to the decision making practicaly downsized to nonexisting one... So why bother then...
  2. Thanks for reply My point is that randomness factor is fine by me. Thats why we watch/play football since there is no certanty about the outcome. But regardless of that, one decided setting should give one outcome. When U realize that U neeed to mark one player then procentages in your favor should be better, when U meet the team with the tactics they fea the most - up with the % and so on and so on. But that difference of the outcome of one game that U won by lets say 5-0 that gave morale boost to carry on to the next games or the other load of the same game that U lost 3:0 and lost many points after that is kinda lame. Its nothing U can do about it and it makes U as manager not in charge... And sorry milner if I made terrible point of my first post but I wanted to share this with you guys that care about this game...
  3. OK let me first state that I find all of FM series for a very good piece of software and I have been using it for over a decade but my topic question is about game engine. So what do I mean by it ? Well I was wondering how come exact same setings can provide 2 different results if U reload the game ? I mean I understand the factor of randomness to any givven real life football game but in my humble opinion there is no point to the game if you manage to win over another team if you are good to load saves or in other words cheat. I also understand that this means that you are just cheating yourself but if U think about it for a sec the outcome of any game is far more random then we like to acknowledge. So the basic setup is that u loose even if U do have Manchester city vs Cheltenham. Then if U apply tactics and work with it your chances of winning are better. Same goes for quality of players, staff, and so on and so on but all that does not metter the moment U save a game before an important match and U reload until Ur team wins.. Is there a path after that that makes sure U loose a game over a period of time that U won by cheating ? I managed to lose power in my house after not saving for 6 games which I got 10 points from. In second try I got 16 points from same set of games. Since there were friendlies and the only point was to gain match fitness ( and hopefully some morale boosts ) I split up teams to play 1 game each so I loaded the exact same squad for each of the games just to try out if the outcome would be different. And it certanly did. So where did my factor of deciding come to play ??? I really dont know if it ever did... We like to take credit when things go well but i came to conlusion that this is really just a big lose of time since the feeling of being control is really not there. We just like to think that we can command likes of Aguero, Messi, Ronaldo in this virtual escape from reality but I dont think we are provided with the tool to do just that...
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