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  1. Hello good people of the SI forums. I am considering to make a whole new type of scoreboard for my Vitrex skin, but before i get going, i was wondering about one thing in particular. Former versions of FM included more than one paper file for some scoreboards, giving the creator more possibilities to form an outline without many restrictions. I have tried to load one of these into FM16, but it seems that SI has changed their coding, so the game only recognizes one paper file, the 'paper.png'. In FM15 and 14 i remmeber having more folders and paper files under the same box, named 'paper_middle_left.png', 'paper_middle_right.xml' and so on... What do you guys have to say in regards of this matter?
  2. I will if i get it fixed, don't worry. By the way wkd, if you know how to edit the team name on the same screen (pre-match line-ups), the tiny text in yellow, please let me know. Looks silly it's so small - have been looking around in 'match preview lineups panel.xml' and can't seem to find it even though i managed to edit the size of the green text showing the formation used by each time (4-2-3-1 wide ect.).
  3. Hi guys. I find the FM16 pre-match line-ups screen kind of dull, compared to the one in FM15, where player names had a colored box behind their names, corresponding to the color set in 'settings.xml' under the '<!--colours for the position lines on the tactics pitch and widgets-->' section. In FM16 it looks like something is misssing with the player names and position written directly onto the pitch in black and white. Is there a way to get this back? I have tried to copy my old panel file in from FM15, but it didn't do much. FM15: FM16:
  4. Hi guys. I am trying to align the height of my scoreboard with my TV logo, and need to insert some air over it, and a little on it's left side as well in order to bring it downwards and about 20 pixels to the right, so it ends up on the same level as the TV logo in the upper right hand corner, in stead of it being glued to the top and left side of the screen (see picture). Any ideas where to look? Can't seem to fix it in either 'match title bar score.xml', 'match title bar.xml' or 'match full window.xml' it seems.
  5. It will most probably change their current hair, but it's not 100% sure. But if it does, it stays withing the same category (ethnicity, color and length).
  6. This has already been corrected, and will be in the update later today/tomorrow.
  7. DEBSKI'S WORLD OF HAIRSTYLES FOR FM16 MADE BY EMIL DEBSKI V1.0 Released: 30.11.2015 22:00 DOWNLOAD NOW! Brand new hairpack for FM2016 adding 2580 new fresh styles for your regens/newgens! Make your long-term saves so much more enjoyable, with this new addition to complete the FM experience. The download includes thousands of hairstyles from all over the world, and will make you want to keep even the shittiest of regens just because they look so good ;-). Due to the new type of regens from FM15 to 16, a very small percentage of the hairs will not fit 100%, as the width of regen faces varies by a small margin this year, making some heads too narrow and others too wide - this is nothing we can do anything about, and as written it should affect only very few players. Tested and looking well on light and dark skins as well, and save game compatible. Goes perfectly along with other installed graphics (hairpacks, logos, kits and so on). Enjoy guys! DOWNLOAD NOW! ========================================== HOW TO INSTALL: ========================================== Step 1: Please be aware that this graphical mod DOES NOT go into the "Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016" folder as normal graphics do (kits, logos, faces and so on). It will not work/have any affect if extracted here. Instead extract the whole folder "Debski's World of Hairstyles for FM16 v1.0" into the following directory on your computer: "[YOUR FM GAME FOLDER]\data\facegen\hair" (Default place to look for this folder is "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015"). Step 2: The above mentioned folder (hair) should now contain minimum 6 folders. The "afro", "asian", "euro", "hispanic" and "mixed_race" standard folders by SI, alongside with your new "Debski's World of Hairstyles for FM16 v1.0" and eventually other custom graphics you might have installed. Step 3: Open up your game, go into preference > interface and click the "Clear Cache" button. When done, close the game. Run again, and everything should be up and running. Files are save-game compatible, meaning you don't have to start a new game for them to make effect. DOWNLOAD NOW!
  8. My pack which you see an example of in post 167 will be released tomorrow. I have updated it with around 500 new styles, bringing the total over 2000 with last years pack. Stay tuned! :-)
  9. No the same here, that's what strange - but 5-6 people have mentioned it. What could it possibly be, any idea?
  10. This is a known bug in the game, which has been addressed directly to SI games - it seems to happen when you put the positions panel into a selector container (one where you can change which panels to show) in stead of a static panel only showing one thing without the possibility to change. Anyway with the help of ArtDekDok here on the forums, we have found a workaround for this, so in the update which i will release during the weekend, the role and duty will show. In regards of the panels reverting to achievements it's hard for me to solve this, as i and ArtDekDok who made the original player overview panel don't have the problem - my panels stay the same after i set them up. None the less i'm still trying to see what i can do, as other people experience it - just not easy when i don't.
  11. We are all here of pure passion, we don't make money on this, but release things to help each other enjoy the game we love even more. You don't take people's work and take credit for it as was it your own - which i never did, and never have done. But on the other hand, if you had to ask every one of the persons who made contributions to the files we use to make skins, kits, faces ect. and get their permission, we would never see a single skin released in here - apart from maybe one or two people who has the skills to build everything up from scratch. Ofcourse you must give credit if you use peoples work, but it's physically impossible to ask all people to use their work, as it's probably been altered from one person, to the other, to the third anyway - and in the end you can't be sure who's been in on it. It's like saying nobody can contribute to expand the SS kit types with new leagues, only the guy who invented the SS kit style - would be a pity would't it? Anyway, the way the download is now, everybody seems to be happy, so let's leave it this way.
  12. Listen mate, i have linked to his file 5 times in my info text - and nowhere did i write it's no working, i : 1. Advertise his work 2. Link to his work 3. Credit his work 4. Helps people having this problem fix it quickly 5. Gives people more options I have changed the download to only include extra kits, hope you are happy now
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