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  1. I just recently created a save with Assyriska FF in Sweden (I am not Swedish or Assyrian so my knowledge may be a little off). Assyriska (there are two other Assyrian clubs in the Swedish 3rd tier), are a 3rd tier team based in Sweden, more specifically in the city of Södertälje, which has a large population of people of Assyrian background. These Assyrians are descendants of their ancient ancestors from the Assyrian civilization. They speak Aramaic, the same language that Jesus Christ would have spoken. Aramaic does not exist in FM, along with other Semitic languages, such as Mandaic. I know that religion does not play a role in FM, however I was wondering whether language could be used as a proxy in FM to make particular players viable transfers for clubs such as Assyriska. Imagine a regen from Iraq/Syria that is of Assyrian descent (there is currently no way of separating Arabic Syrians with Assyrians who do not have arabized names) that would be a viable transfer option for Assyriska, a club that Assyrians treat as their national team. It'd be difficult to distinguish which regens are Assyrian without seeing the languages they speak. This is also an issue in Egypt, with no separation in languages for Arabic Egyptians and Coptic Egyptians (Coptic is not a language in the game either). On top of this, is there anything written into the game that produces Assyrian regens at the Assyriska FF (or Syrianska)? I am in my first season and having looked at the pre-game editor there is absolutely nothing linking the club with players of Assyrian background, including the city of Södertälje which only has 'Swedish' as it's language in the local region. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I wouldn't know where else to put it.
  2. Philippines: National League: Name: League is now named Philippines Premier League (PPL) rather than Philippine Football League (set to start in March 2019). Dates: Season is slated to start at the end of March 2019 and played up until December 7th 2019. Format: Triple round-robin format where each leg will play 27 matches that will be in accordance with Asian Football Confederation (AFC) rules of having a club play minimum of 25 matches in a football leg to qualify for the AFC Cup. The third round of games is set to take place in a 'monthly festival' in a set location, played at a neutral ground, with hopes of creating a buzz around games, much like a domestic 'world cup' feeling, with events and concerts etc to go alongside the sporting event. TV Games: "I'm pushing for 2 maybe 3 live matches a week. Am quite adamant that they should be live. Delayed telecast matches mean nothing. They have no value for me," asserts Bernie Sumayao (PPL Chief). National Cup: Name: The domestic cup is named 'Copa Paulino Alcantara' in reference to the Filipino/Barcelona football legend (This begun in 2018 for its inaugural season but will retain its status as the primary cup competition for 2019 during the PPL season). Dates: Unannounced for 2019 season but if following 2018 then the start was September 1st, ending on October 27th. Winners (Kaya-Iloilo) Qualified for AFC Cup. Format: Divided into two groups (Home and away matches are played against each team in the group) and the finalists will face each other for a slot in the AFC Cup. 2018 saw 2 teams of 3 (2 groups of 3) proceed to a semifinal. A1 v B2, B1 v A2. Semi-Final and Final are played in one leg. The draw for the groups took place on 26th August. https://www.rappler.com/sports/by-sport/football/221713-philippine-premier-league-revamps-club-football Teams: Potential teams: - United Makati FC (previously Global Cebu FC (incorrectly still called Global Football Club on FM19) Global Cebu FC are now renamed and relocated. New name: United Makati FC New Location: Makati, Manila They are also in severe financial trouble. They haven't paid their players for months (some up to 8 months). Owner is Mark Jarvis (not Alvin Carranza) First team manager is Dragutin Stević-Ranković Their new stadium and training ground is at the University of Makati Stadium (4,000 capacity, Artificial Grass) A lot of departures of their big name players to other clubs (every other player set to be released (under contract still but unpaid, dispute continues): - Ceres-Negros FC - Kaya-Iloilo (rebranded before 2018 season (incorrectly named Kaya FC in FM19. Full name is now Kaya Futbol Club- Iloilo) 2019 AFC Cup games will be played at Panaad Stadium in Bacolod (Ceres-Negros' stadium) rather than their home stadium iloilo sports complex - Stallion Laguna FC Made a number of transfers and departures for the upcoming season: All 3 Clarino's signed by Stallion in the transfers below are siblings (O.J Clarino, Gino Clarino and Ian Clarino) - JPV Marikina FC Possible teams (sent representatives to the Press Launch of the PPL) - Green Archers United (Played in the former UFL (Manila based league before PFL) (Confirmed interest to join after talks with PPL Chief), - Philippine Air Force (Played in the former UFL (Manila based league before PFL) - Leylam FC (Cebu-based club trying to be lured by the PPL to join after Global Cebu's move to Makati (now United Makati FC) - University of Santo Tomas FC (UST FC) Unlikely but possible teams: - Davao Aguilas FC (Folded and withdrew from the PFL in December 2018 - All players released, including Internationals Phil and James Younghusband) - Ilocos United FC (Did not participate in 2018 PFL season but co-owner Tony Lazaro (not in the FM database) confirmed at the time of withdrawal that they were cautiously optimistic of making a return in 2019). - Manila-Meralco Sparks (One of the longest serving PH clubs that folded early in 2018 before the start of the PFL season) Domestic Transfers: Jinggoy Valmayor (Global to Stallion Laguna) O.J (Mario Javier) Clarino (Global to Stallion Laguna) Selu Lozano (Free agent to Stallion Laguna (Still at extinct club Ilocos United on FM19) Ian Clarino (Free agent to Stallion Laguna) Andoni Suescun (Swedish/Filipino midfielder (Needs Filipino nationality added) moves from IFK Stockholm FK to Stallion Laguna) 3 Korean players (I don't know them, maybe a korean researcher may know? names are Joshua Kim, Kim Deong Hyeong and Kang Jong Min all move to Stallion Laguna) Fernando Anton Amistoso (Free agent to Stallion Laguna) Hayeson Pepito (GK - Not in database (Age 25 - DOB: 01.12.1993 - to Stallion Laguna) Reynald Villareal (Free agent to Stallion Laguna) Gino Clarino (Midfielder - Not in database, moves on free transfer (DOB 31.12.1997 to Stallion Laguna) Jowarren Bedia (Forward - Not in database, unknown age - to Stallion Laguna) BeeJay Alquisar Gonzales (Defender - Not in database, (DOB 23.02.1999 to Stallion Laguna) Carlo Polli (Stallion Laguna to FC Mendrisio (Switzerland)) Gabriele Mascazzini (Stallion Laguna to South West Phoenix (Australia)) Paolo Bugas (released by Stallion Laguna (incorrectly at Global Cebu in FM19) Ko Kyung-Joon (31 year old centre-back released by Stallion Laguna (listed as Free agent in FM but needs history updating) Terrence Linatoc (released by Stallion Laguna) Yuki Ishihara (released by Stallion Laguna) Yannick Tuason (released by Stallion Laguna) Jason Cordova (released by Stallion Laguna (incorrectly at Davao Aguilas in FM19) Jhun Tripulca (released by Stallion Laguna (GK - Not in database) Javi Javier Bonoan (released by Stallion Laguna - Not in database) Yusung Na (midfielder released by Stallion Laguna - Not in database) Ashley Flores (Striker released by Stallion Laguna - Incorrectly at extinct club Meralco Manila) Toni Doblas (Ceres-Negros to Free Agent) Robert Lopez Mendy (Kaya-Iloilo to UiTM FC (Malaysia)) Louie Casas (Global to Kaya-Iloilo (Incorrectly at Ceres-Negros in FM19)) Philippines National Team Players Mark Hartmann (Ratchaburi (Thailand) to Suphanburi (Thailand)) Marco Casambre (Global to Chainat Hornbill FC (Thailand) Adam Reed (Global to Chainat Hornbill FC (Thailand) - Also goes by the name Adam Tull now (played for Philippines in the Asian Cup using the name Adam Tull (Incorrectly at Davao Aguilas instead of Global Cebu in FM19))) Patrick Deyto (Davao Aguilas to Stallion Laguna (incorrectly still at Global Cebu on FM19)) Manuel Ott (Ceres-Negros to Ratchaburi (Thailand)) Amin Nazari (IFK Mariehamn (Finland) to Ratchaburi (Thailand)) Hikaru Minegishi (Pattaya United (Thailand) to JL Chiangmai United (Thailand)) Iain Ramsay (FELDA United (Malaysia) to Sukhothai (Thailand)) Patrick Reichelt (Ceres-Negros to Melaka United (Malaysia)) Miguel Tanton (Kaya-Iloilo to Ceres-Negros)) Dennis Villanueva (Davao Aguilas to Ceres-Negros) Jordan Jarvis (Global to Eastern (Hong-Kong)) Kenshiro Daniels (Kaya-Iloilo to Free Agent) (Now based in Europe (Has English/US and Filipino nationality) and has been training with Spanish Segunda, English League 1 and 2 clubs)) Dylan De Bruycker (Davao Aguilas to Ceres-Negros) Daniel Gadia (Global to Stallion Laguna) Angelo Verheye Marasigan (Global to Ceres-Negros (Incorrectly at extinct club Ilocos United) now goes by Filipino name Marasigan rather than Verheye)) Josh Grommen (Davao Aguilas to Petaling Jaya City (Malaysia)) Alvaro Silva (Kedah (Malaysia) to Ceres-Negros)) ttps://www.rappler.com/sports/by-sport/football/219744-global-cebu-players-unpaid-for-as-much-8-months
  3. Hi everyone, Yesterday I spent the whole day bringing back a lost civilization, Atlantis, and overwriting Mauritania. It has been a fun adventure and i've made a lot of progress. I have deleted all I can about Mauritania in the editor, including every single person with Mauritania nation and second nation. I have changed the nationality of around 1000 people of different nations and made their nationality Atlantis. The nations I chose were low CA people from Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Mongolia, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Greece, Madagascar, Micronesia, Uganda, Lesotho and maybe a few more. I wanted really diverse fantasy kind of names for my regens. I have tried to avoid Arabic names because it takes away my immersion of bringing back a lost civilization of mysterious players when they all have more modern sounding names from countries based in the regions where I have my local regions set (Iraq, Egypt etc). I have added two leagues and two cups: - Atlantean Timaeus Premier League (14 Teams) - Atlantean Critias Championship (17 Teams) - Atlantean Hermocrates Cup - Atlantean Solon Super Cup All of the teams are based on Historical/Mythical cities with connections and hypothetical locations of Atlantis. I'm having a number of problems, I will screenshot my issues step by step, i'm really hoping some of you have some kind of solutions for me. 1) This is a team based in 'Atlantis Republic' the proxy capital, where the national stadium is situated. They are all 'Atlantean' with no second nationality. This is good, but their regen names are still linked to Mauritania. Is there any possible way to get them to use the pool of Atlantean players I added in the editor? I don't know what is causing them to still have West African names. Atlantis is in the Continent of Africa, but I changed 'Region' to Oceania, howevier it had no affect, both 'West Africa' and 'Oceania' still produce West African names. My main fear is that the regen names are pulled from an file with Mauritanian regen names, which is unable to be edited, however I have had success with some of the clubs in giving them different regen names, but it is inconsistent. 2) This is a team with a local region that is in Turkey, but with the City being in Atlantis. This produces Atlantean nationality players with Second Nation Turkey and Turkish looking regens, with most speaking Turkish (Fluent), Atlantean (Good), this is good, but not ideal (I still want the blend of names from the Atlantean pool). 3) This is the information of a player from another Turkish based side (90%) of their players have Turkish second nationality, but this guy does not. He still has a Turkish regen face, but his name is Mauritanian, and his place of birth is Nouakchott (Capital of Mauritania), but I deleted Nouakchott from the game in the editor and he still has Wolof as fluent, yet I removed that from the languages of Atlantis. There are more examples of Atlantean only players playing for teams inside a different region that have a former Mauritanian city and language attached. It seems the game processes Mauritania before Atlantis overwrites it when setting up a game, however the only team based 'inside' Atlantis, FC Poseidon, have a full list of regens born in 'Atlantis' and only speak 'Atlantean'. 4) I chose Mongolian language (and called it Atlantean), since this language produces some pretty unique names (it seems like language of your nation has no effect on the names of regens, only the languages they speak), I added Atlantean at 50% to all of the regions that have an Atlantean city residing in them. 5) I cannot determine the main 'factor' to creating regen names of different nationalities. For Gobekli Tepe FC, they reside in a city that has 'Turkish' set as their language, yet Sporting Lydia, also based in the same region but without having 'Turkish' set as their nationality also produce Turkish regens. What this shows is the region is producing the Turkish nationalities rather than the language. But wait, that isn't correct, because another team Aztlan FC, who's city resides in Mexico don't produce 'Peruvian' names without a language attached to the city, but do produce 'Peruvian' names when 'Quechua (proxy to Aztec)' is attached to the city. This is inconsistent. Aztlan have the 'equivalent' settings as Lydia, yet Lydia produce Turkish names, while Aztlan produce Mauritanian names. When Aztlan has 'Quechua' as their city language, they produce a majority of Peruvian names. What I can take away from that experiment is that even if city language doesn't always have an effect, it can have an effect, so it is best to just put the language you want to produce. But this doesn't always work, for example Italian and Greek residing sides that have Italian/Greek as their city language don't produce regens with the names of that nationality, but do have a second language of Italian/Greek. They are Mauritanian named players, again. This is truly mind-boggling. I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be amazing. P.S I have one more problem unrelated to the regen names. I have managed to put in the 'Normal' and 'Small' graphic for the Atlantis Football Federation, but I don't know how to remove this Mauritania flag from this section. Thanks, Again, i'll be very grateful for any help.
  4. 100% not using any editor for this save. I was just very confused by it too, I didn't check his CA or PA in editor, if I did I wouldn't have bothered to make this post
  5. I signed this guy after 1 season. Why is he so overrated? Does he even play for Al Jazira? I cannot see him on InStat or Wyscout. He's not mentioned on the club website or anywhere. I only found that he actually exists through a German website (I can't speak German). He is 5'3 and has 15 heading? Is this accurate?
  6. A few things that needs to be adjusted: Superdraft scouting - Please just make the date of when we get the message about sending a scout to scout the players in the superdraft earlier, so that you know, the players can actually be scouted. A day earlier than the draft is not enough notice. I know this is under review but I must reiterate that this is an important issue, it kills the uniqueness of the MLS when the draft is based on pure guesswork of looking at attributes of every single player (very tedious). Superdraft scouting part 2 - I'd love for a scouting package, similar to how you can buy senior and youth packages for player search, i'd like one that is relevant to the superdraft, since in real life every MLS team is likely to have very extensive information on every single player in the draft. As an MLS manager in game, it would be nice to be able to find out anything about any player in the game without having to guess stuff. It's just not realistic going into the draft blind. Trades and Enquiries - I really wish there was a way to disable AI from rejecting enquiries. It's such a pain to receive a message saying that they rejected the enquiry, i'd much rather see them tell you what it would take for you to trade with them, regardless of whether it is a ridiculous amount of GAM / Draft allocations / Players etc, I think that they should always answer, rather than just rejecting it straight up. I say this because 99% of Trade enquiries for players will come back rejected, it's not fun. Zach Steffen, a GK for Columbus Crew was not getting any game time, they had a DP goalkeeper, he was a backup, rotting away, there's no way they would reject a trade enquiry. Even if there isn't a way to make them always reply with a trade they see respectable, I feel like the game needs to tone down the amount that get rejected, it makes trading near impossible in the league. While teams will offer me 1st round picks for players, it seems they have very little interest in receiving 1st round picks for players, they get rejected without any negotiation.
  7. When going through my list of players I often like to click on the player so that I can see their preferred foot (a stat not shown on the individual training screen, p.s. would be nice if this could be shown) as I like to play Inside Forwards with Right footers on the left and vice versa. If I click on a player and return to the screen, the attributes of players no longer shows. It is possible to get the attributes back by clicking the tactical advice button and then closing that, but that shouldn't be necessary and sometimes you have to progress a day to get them to return. Note- This doesn't always happen either, it is on and off. I am trying to replicate it now but it isn't happening right now. I'll post attachments once it happens again.
  8. So when setting up a game, I choose custom in order to add all players of Filipino nationality and tick all of the boxes (i.e players based in nation, internation players, players from top clubs etc...) There is however no option to add players with Filipino as their second nationality. Therefore I cannot begin a career with EVERY filipino player on my database, therefore limiting my national pool as some of the good players are playing in Sweden (Amin Nazari). What this means is I would have to go through FM editor and find what leagues the players not in my database are in and add them, which is not what I want to do. I don't want the leagues, I just want the players. Am I missing something, or is there genuinenly not a way to add all players of a nationality/Second nationality to the database without adding all leagues?
  9. I already had, my squad is registered with 25 players, some of them B team. The main complaint from Suarez is that the squad needs to invest in quality players.. He'll just have to suffer cos I can't do much else
  10. So in my Barcelona save, I started the game with disallow first window budgets.. Now I have a problem, Luis Suarez had a got at me for the small size of the squad and requested I bring in new faces. Since the ban has not allowed me to bring in any faces, this was not possible. Now the whole team are mad that I couldn't give Suarez what he wanted.. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if the responses I could give included something like 'we are under a transfer ban, but I will bring in new faces as soon as I can.' But no, the ban is completely disregarded and the players seem to not know that the club cannot sign anyone. I would say this is a bug, since the problem cannot be properly addressed. Any ideas of a work around to keep the players happy?
  11. I am interested in finding out whether the Youth Rating for generated players for national teams is dynamic or not. I don't believe it is, which is an unnecessary problem in my opinion. I am currently playing as the manager of the Philippines national team and I am also managing the youth sides as well. I am doing OK, I have been competitive and have almost made it to the world cup full. Have been getting results such as a draw with Korea and a win against Japan. The problem is, all my regens are still very *****. Of course I know that it would take a long time for the youth rating to rise, but it would still rise over time. Now I'm not too far into this game as i'm only 4 years in and my youth rating (according to the in-game editor) is 30, which is very poor. However on FM14, I played around 15 seasons and saw no change, which leads me to believe it is still not dynamic. It seems unfair that a team could overachieve for such a long time and maybe reach 2 world cups in a row and still not produce better regens (even just slightly better). How would the domestic league ever improve without better players coming through the youth teams? I do not want to have to resort to increasing my youth rating via the in-game editor as the just feels like cheating. I feel like this is a feature that could easily be implemented which would really make playing as an underdog nation a whole lot more appealing.
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