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  1. Global FC (Philippines) have new owners since the start of February 2020. Owners (Mazinyi Management Ltd) are a Hong Kong consortium. On acquiring the club they said "we see this club not only being the best club in Philippines but in all of Asia". How true that will turn out to be, only time will tell, but it's most likely going to fail, though they have backed the club with transfers already. Here are some of them. John Cofie (ex Man Utd)- 28020366 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/john-cofie/profil/spieler/62507 Alan Martin (ex Scotland U21 keeper)- 5220431
  2. Yes, so he should have Filipino second nationality, even if it had 'declared for Germany' as its option. That way you can still try and change his mind about representation in game. https://www.foxsportsasia.com/football/asian-football/philippine-football/928730/gerrit-holtmann-azkals-future/ He doesn't say no to the Philippines IRL anyway, he just says it's not an option for him while he is playing in the Bundesliga, but like other Filipino players, a move to asia makes it a lot easier for them to represent. Either way, the game doesn't have him with any second nationality, whi
  3. Gerritt Holtmann still missing Filipino second nationality
  4. I was wondering how to go about this? Something like this picture. This is a screen grab of a file where someone managed to do it for FM17, but unfortunately it's out of date.
  5. I'd love for there to be an in-game report feature. It seems like such a lengthy process that I feel some people just 'put up' with bugs or data errors/inconsistencies that they just don't come here to report it (or know they can report it). My proposal for a feature is to include the option in the main menu to take a screenshot in-game and add a comment to describe the issue, which will provide the option to also attach the save file for SI to check it over. I am hoping that this would increase the efficiency of simple error issues, like Gerrit Holtmann not having Filipi
  6. I'd love for SI to show more love to National team management. It's so barebones right now. My case study is managing the Philippines, from 2018/19 to 2030/2031. Dynamic 'Youth Rating' I am not saying it's realistic for a country to produce better players in the same way a club can improve youth facilities/recruitment, but youth rating needs to be dynamic, even if it only improves very slightly every few years. Think about the changes in real life to Hungary, or Belgium. It should change, even if it's a long period of time. Example: Managing the Philippines. I have tak
  7. Hi everyone, Yesterday I spent the whole day bringing back a lost civilization, Atlantis, and overwriting Mauritania. It has been a fun adventure and i've made a lot of progress. I have deleted all I can about Mauritania in the editor, including every single person with Mauritania nation and second nation. I have changed the nationality of around 1000 people of different nations and made their nationality Atlantis. The nations I chose were low CA people from Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Mongolia, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Greece, Madagascar, Micronesia, Uganda, Lesotho and m
  8. So when setting up a game, I choose custom in order to add all players of Filipino nationality and tick all of the boxes (i.e players based in nation, internation players, players from top clubs etc...) There is however no option to add players with Filipino as their second nationality. Therefore I cannot begin a career with EVERY filipino player on my database, therefore limiting my national pool as some of the good players are playing in Sweden (Amin Nazari). What this means is I would have to go through FM editor and find what leagues the players not in my database are in and add them, wh
  9. I already had, my squad is registered with 25 players, some of them B team. The main complaint from Suarez is that the squad needs to invest in quality players.. He'll just have to suffer cos I can't do much else
  10. So in my Barcelona save, I started the game with disallow first window budgets.. Now I have a problem, Luis Suarez had a got at me for the small size of the squad and requested I bring in new faces. Since the ban has not allowed me to bring in any faces, this was not possible. Now the whole team are mad that I couldn't give Suarez what he wanted.. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if the responses I could give included something like 'we are under a transfer ban, but I will bring in new faces as soon as I can.' But no, the ban is completely disregarded and the players seem to not know th
  11. I am interested in finding out whether the Youth Rating for generated players for national teams is dynamic or not. I don't believe it is, which is an unnecessary problem in my opinion. I am currently playing as the manager of the Philippines national team and I am also managing the youth sides as well. I am doing OK, I have been competitive and have almost made it to the world cup full. Have been getting results such as a draw with Korea and a win against Japan. The problem is, all my regens are still very *****. Of course I know that it would take a long time for the youth rating to ris
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