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  1. A problem that seems to occur with every new match engine is that opposition team seem to score a goal every 2-3 shots on goal while the player managed team seem to take 5-6 chances on goal too score, even though my strikers have better finishing stats then the opposition strikers, I have multiple occasion of having 18-20 shots on target and either losing or drawing with teams having 4-5 shots on target, also it seem 75% of shots the opposition make are on target, even when playing in a lower league when the striker finishing stats are 11-12 .
  2. Hi, I have found that their can be a 5-10 minute processing delay when selecting submit team on matchday also on occasion there will be a freeze or long delay when selecting a new page, i.e if you are on your home page and you select your own manager profile, their can be a 2-3miute delay before the new page loads.
  3. Hi, Just to give an update, I have been playing the save game with just the team/competition name change steam download and not had any crash's, so it seems the player shortlist download may of caused the crash, which is strange as it is the most subscribed item on the fm20 steam workshop and I have not seen any comments of any other user's having this issue.
  4. I have played two days on a new save game without the added steam files and have not yet had a crash while using the in game editor quite extensively, I may try finding out if it is just the downloaded player shortlist file that is causing the crash, as I had not been using the 2nd downloaded file on any of the save games, hopefully that will show if it happens with all steam download files or just the one particular download.
  5. I have a custom player shortlist downloaded from steam, I also downloaded a Team/Competition name correction from steam but have not activated it on the database used, just in case it caused an issue.
  6. Hi Kyle, If you go into the squad and go from player to player just editing their attributes (Physical, Mental, Technical) via the in game editor, you get through about 10 players before the crash happens, for info, I raise any attribute below 5 up to 5, and just tweak some of the attributes I think are not quite accurate, for example if a player has a Decision attribute of 11 but a Concentration of 3, I will raise the Concentration attribute closer to the Decision attribute. I can make 8-10 attribute changes per player, so the crash normally happens after 8-10 players, it only happens on the attribute page, normally when clicking on the next field to edit. Also as stated on previous notes these crash's occur on a custom database made using the pre game editor, the custom database only has minor tweaks, adding a sugar daddy and a couple of players. I have also created a save game with the default database and was able to reproduce the crash in the same way, though it took a longer period of time using the in game editor to reproduce the crash, around 4+ hours of in game editing.
  7. Hi, I think the issue already logged on this matter is from me as well in another thread active from Dec 2019 which I thought had been resolved, I added a comment to that thread and it was reopened. I have uploaded the save game to the cloud already (Bury Bari) to that thread.
  8. Hi, the Crash only happens when using the in game editor, i.e when tweaking attributes (Technical, Mental, Physical) normally after selecting another field, I've attached the last crash dump file., also the other thread on this issue is from me, it was added on the 11/1/2020 . The issues have occurred on my own custom database which has only minor changes, I will load the normal database and see if the issue occurs on that as well. FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.11 19.40.56).dmp
  9. I have just uploaded my save game file (Bari bury) to the Si Cloud Service.
  10. It happens normally if I spend a period of time using the in game editor (30-60 mins), I play using my own custom database, when starting a new save game I normally spend some time tweaking my player attributes, so it normally happens after editing 10+ players, though it has also happened after a few minutes. Other then my own database (which is just tweaks to a couple of clubs and a few created players and staff) I also have a downloaded player shortlist from Steam.
  11. Hi, to let you know the issue has occurred again a few times, without any Steam Workshop items added in game, the issue happens when using the in game editor, modifying a players skill attributes.
  12. Hi, I have had the attached application error/Crash when using the in game editor on a custom database which has no major changes, it happens when I am editing a players attributes (Physical, Mental, Technical), I have had this exact same issue on 5 different occasions. FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.11 18.29.03).dmp
  13. So I purchase every new FM edition and have been playing since back in the old CM days and always look forward to every new edition BUT each new version suffer from the same match engine issues on release, you go from playing a polished version of the previous game where the match engine is up to scratch (in the most part), to the new game which has all the same bugs and issues as the previous edition started out with. So FM20 match engine has all the same problems, poor defensive positioning and decision making, overpowered goalkeepers etc. I have to say the poor defensive positioning and decision making in this edition makes the matches difficult to watch, I have to watch in 2D to make it bearable. I know a new updated match engine is a tag line for every new FM but maybe try settling on an engine that has worked previously and maybe just tweaking it a little, meaning so much time and attention does not have to be spent on sorting out all the Match engine bugs on every new FM.
  14. By the way, I uninstalled a file I had downloaded from Steam Workshop and I have not had the crash since.
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