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  1. Hi... I can't access FMT Downloads, it said "Unable to connect. Error code: 1000" I'm using iPad Mini 2. Been trying with some internet providers, and still unable to connect. is there any problem with your server?
  2. FYI, I'm using iPad Mini 2, iOS 11.1.2 it's overwritten the current save game, and i just playing right now.. and it's auto saving after 4 days.. actually it's random, not always everday or 4 days.. I'm trying to uncheck the auto save right now..
  3. I have the same issue.. I'm using iPad Mini 2, iOS 11.1.2 it's very disappointing
  4. I'm using "Use Auto Saves" every "Three Months" but it seems become auto saving almost everyday, is there any other configuration or a bugs?
  5. almost 20 years playing this game.. and still counting
  6. same problem here.. and don't have any idea what I already promised..
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