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  1. I've spotted the following issues that the patch has created, leading to more goals and chances created. 1. There are now way to many through balls, well succesful ones anyway, any lump forward from the keeper, defender and midfielder through the middle is now leading to more 1 on 1's. 2. There are far fewer long shots, probably because it has become so easy to put in a succesful through ball. 3. Passing of the ball has become pretty much perfect, even more difficult passes. I'll keep looking
  2. A 3-3 draw next 6 ccc's each(that's 12 ) and we also had 8hc's, it appears that since the patch balls through the middle are confusing defenders. Please SI just sort it out, surely this is not acceptable, patches are supposed to IMPROVE the game.
  3. Strange one this, but first impressions are that there are even MORE chances being created by both myself and the AI and as such even more goals. Especially weird as paradoxically defending seems to have improved slightly? Last 8 games Scored 28 Conceded 11 Pre Patch Scored 21 Conceded 7 If my maths are right thats 40% more goals. This could be seen as just being down to the run of games, but there is definitely a marked increase in hc's and ccc's created.
  4. shirajzl has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. Can't answer you mate.
  5. Alarm bells are ringing Just conceded 3 penalties in 3 games despite still totally dominating(i've had 4 pens all season) and an own goal where my own player instead of clearing, heads the ball back INTO his own area(never seen this before) straight at my defender who tucks it away as if they both think they are at the other end.
  6. Because of the patch i'm going to hold on sharing this tactic until properly re-tested. No point me sending this out if it no longer works. There is no reason to believe the tactics have been compromised as they do not take advantage of the ME in any way, but paranoia has crept in because the patch came out of the blue two days after i shared them for the first time. :o
  7. Chelsea Won 20 Drew 0 Lost 0 Goals For 57 Goals Against 5 That was with the transfer window closed at the start of the game.
  8. Nice, i'm still unbeaten in the league with Chelsea(4-2-3-1-) all wins so far!
  9. The defender on his wrong foot from 30 yards on the volley was an honest goal that i saw, which is why i put it in my initial post.
  10. It is definitely an issue and i'm suprised a lot more people haven't brought it up(not sure if they have tbh?). I've seen World Class strikers have up to 16 shots a game with many of those in and around the 6 yard box and miss the lot, whilst shots from distance are flying in for fun. Like i said, really spoiling my enjoyment of the game as it looks absolutely ridiculous.
  11. The striker thing bugs me a little too, in my Chelsea save Costa has almost a goal a game but misses sitter after sitter including open goals. If you can improve striker performances without losing anything from the overall tactic i'd like to hear it.
  12. I was purposely being over the top, but the issue is there nonetheless.
  13. This may well be an issue that's being looked at, but i needed to bring it up as it is seriously ruining my enjoyment of the game. I am finding it about as likely to see a defender with 3 for long shots and little technique score from 30 yards on his wrong foot as i am a World Class striker score an open goal from 2 yards out. I am really struggling now to watch games in any length and was wondering if some kind of fix for this was in the offing?
  14. I hear what your saying, but again, if thats the case, why even have the option?
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