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  1. romanista10

    My FMH12 Reactions

    I also like it but it does not look nice at all on a RAZR the resolution is awful If you have a phone with high resolution aka Gnex, Sensation, HTC One X I advise you not to buy it untill our resolution is supported
  2. romanista10

    Football Manager Handheld + Android

    i HAVE it! i also will write review to support RAZR resolution
  3. I own a Motorola RAZR, awesome phone. I think it's the worlds thinnest smartphone. My friend's have everything from Galaxy S2, HTC One X, Xperia S and so on. The high-end android devices is awesome. PS. I used to own a ZTE Blade (or as you refer to OSF), greatest budget smartphone in the market. Truely awesome. Just root it, put in a custom rom and overclock it. Bought it for 99€ and then sold it to get the RAZR
  4. romanista10

    Football Manager Handheld + Android

    aww okay u really need to add RAZR, its a great phone and Sensation has the same screen res. Will it be compatible with my Motorola Xoom? I will buy it and write feedback so u can add support for the RAZR to I hope it works fullscreen on my Xoom, ill play it there untill u fix it for my razr
  5. romanista10

    Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Droid RAZR and HTC sensation have 960x540 screen res, so it will not work with our devices?
  6. AAAAAAAAAA finally!! will it work on my Motorola Droid RAZR and Motorola Xoom?!
  7. romanista10

    new patch

    hi when is the new patch with january transfer uptade coming? really waiting for it thanks
  8. romanista10

    Help with my tactic

  9. Hi guys I made a new save with my fav team AS roma and did a 4-2-3-1 tactic. It went pretty well i came second in Serie A but lost coppa italia in the semifinals against Inter. I bet Real madrid in CL but lost then in quarters against inter again...Vucinic won the goal league with 29 goals and also the assist league..i was wondering if someone could look at this tactic and say what i can improve? i play vucinic as a target striker and totti behind him..sorry for bad english..regards.. http://www.speedyshare.com/424799570.html
  10. romanista10

    Is the game worth buying?

    ok i am gonna buy it i enjoyed FM08 so why not 09
  11. romanista10

    Is the game worth buying?

    i heard there was problem with activation is that true or is that fixed
  12. romanista10

    Is the game worth buying?

    what ive seen in the forum there is alot of bugs even with the newest patch
  13. What do u guys think do u think its worth to buy the game?