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  1. i was thinking of trying set up a tactic wear i sit deep and just soak up pressure and keep ball for no real reason other then to draw the opposition out from posistin then a direct ball over or through the deffence and bam im through on goal my initial foughts were something like gk wb s cd d cd d wb s regista dm s b2b ss ss cf s was thinking attacking mentality after reading lines and diamond it says defense duty passing is much shorter and attacking direct and also transitions quickly i know it has a higher tempo naturally hence the question off lowering it in team instructions? thanks
  2. just jumping in on the back of this if i wanted to try and induce counter attack opportunities would lower tempo be an idea try and invite pressure from the opposing team cause obviously once a counter is launched everything will speed up thanks
  3. anybody had much luck with the cm playing almost as wide as the wingers on both sides when in possesion
  4. that may be the best thing ive ever read
  5. decided to try and create a tactic similar to leverkusen great team that won nothing but cant find much info on how the played attacked with the ball obviously going from what ive read watched neuville was upfr5ont on his own thinking false 9 or deep lying striker and ballack played a bit like lampard braking from deep and getting in the box. thinking ramelow is half back whilst the wing backs provide width and support out wide when attacking. but not really sure how basturk and the 2 wide players played any thoughts? so far my tactic is looking like this@: gk wb (a) cb cb wb (a) hb wm (S) cm(a)/bbm adv pm (s) wm (s) dlf (a) any advice thanks
  6. if your not sure wot to do with the am how about moving him to dm strata and either going more attacking on the full backs on one of your central midfielders might be worth ago even if its just almost a plan b when you need to try something else
  7. is it to late to join would love a go at this probably end in tears low