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  1. So i'm strugling on the Premier League with Southampton and January arrived and i got some signings and i have to use them in my team so i came up with this tatical design that i want to know if the roles, combinations could work together. I getting ALOT of ties and i'm getting "dominated" in the shots from the other teams, so i wanted some help: The current team is: Sketenlenburg Cedric - Indi - Fonte - Bertand N'Zonzi Tadic - Prowse (or Classie - if it's Classie i sometimes use the role BBM) Talisca (has additional instruction to shot more often) - Mane Bony Thx for the help
  2. I see your points. I actually watch the games in extended rather then key like many users do. I see the problems you both pointed out and i actually have a degree in physical education and sports so i know my way arround soccer and coaching. The thing is the match engine DOES not work like real life and the instructions do not do what my brain thinks they do... Example: I read all the roles for the ST position and TM is the role for slimani he is big, he is strong and doesn't pass very well. So i wanted a stationary ST that disrupts the opposing CB's and gets in the of crosses from my left Winger, and my FB's BUTTTTTTTT if you read this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442456-Target-Man-help You get the impression that the TM role is somewhat "broken" and "no one uses it" (hence i adpated the TM instructions to the DLF). This sittuation happens with other instructions and even if you watch the games you (ME) might not have the "brain" to interpret the match engine behave! I see the goals i conceded and see the fail in the DM i also see the fail in my CB's not accompanying the opposing ST... So in my knowledge if i put a DM (d) I will fix one of my problems. And if i put my FB on support i will fix the imbalance on the right side! Now you tell me i will have an imbalance on the left side, by the way you state the problem i see it so my knowledge tell me i can put the DLP (d): And that will fix the other imbalance. I can now watch a match and see what happens but that will probably create more problems then solve them, and probably will create problems that do not exist! EDIT:: Since i did all the changes you suggested i never again won a game... So even with my "errors" at least i was winning :|
  3. Thank you for the input and your time. I think i solved the attacking nature of the right side, the balancing of the tactic and placed a more defensive role on the DM https://i.gyazo.com/a563bb5614d92eeee23d2f886157783c.png' alt='a563bb5614d92eeee23d2f886157783c.png'> Would you suggest anything else i could do ?
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwx9W2HfIXIuQl9hd3FWMW10czQ Here you go. Thx for the help
  5. The SS Are actually 5 games. I posted the videos from 3 of those games now! ty for help Don't know what are PKM's... Tell me where i can upload the save (website) and i will do it!
  6. I have Kouyaté there to help when the WB goes forward. Should i play him has a DM (d) ? I can check how they are conceded if you want just let me know! Trying to improve here that's my purpose not ranting for ranting only!
  7. Cleon the Moderator replied this: "Post constructive and provide examples or go elsewhere. Needlessly ranting without evidence is not acceptable. If you think something is wrong then post in a constructive manner and upload saved games, PKM's and all the other relevant information so comeone can help you. I like how when this happens though it's always a ME fault (yes there are faults no-one is denying that but you are being overly extreme here and talking nonsense) and it needs an overall. It's never down to the manager being **** at tactics. Repost when you can do so in a constructive manner and provide evidence to back up your claims, if not the post will just be closed yet again. " 1st of all i would like to apologize for being out of hand and not providing examples, the thread that was locked is stated below: "This is ridiculous i had countless games where i dominate the matches and the AI gets 1 shot 1 goal... This could make sense 1 game, maybe 2 games per season... but it's happening ALOT more... Maybe the match engine and the tactics are needing a long due overall for next iteration." THis is my tactic and TI's: Here are examples from Season 2 with Sporting: Browsing all my matches i also find that i have some more 2 shot on target 1 goal examples there. I would upload the save but i don't know how! I'm sitting 1st place, won the 1st leg against Shaktar in the CL, lost to FC Porto in the Portuguese Cup in extra time after i dominate the match, i'm in the league cup final and i lost to City in the European Cup ( I won the Uefa League previous season by 3-1 when City score an equalizer at 93' i was dominated on that match thou.
  8. This is ridiculous i had countless games where i dominate the matches and the AI gets 1 shot 1 goal... This could make sense 1 game, maybe 2 games per season... but it's happening ALOT more... Maybe the match engine and the tactics are needing a long due overall for next iteration
  9. So efectively if i'm playing a wide 433 with a DM what will happen in a narrow TI will be alot of short passes in the middle and eventually the game will open to the IF\W ? and if i play Wide the Midfield will try to open to the wings with direct passes? am i seeing this correctly ? PS: I already read the 4.10 section
  10. Assuming that i am already playing a wide formation 433 with IF What really happens when i choose Narrow or Wide in the TI's ???? thx
  11. If the team has Close Down Much More and i have an Advanced Playmaker that has specific instruction Close Down Less, why doesn't the AP pressure like the rest of the team mates?
  12. Ty for the quick reply! Just another 2 quick questions:: * Shall i leave the training to my assistant? or is that a big mistake? * If i want to evolve the big promises in my club what specific instructions should i give them? Shall i train what my coaches say? or just a lower attribute that suits their position? thx
  13. Hello What should be the best pre-season training to get 3 tactics to Fluid? Should i make 3 or 2 is just enough and then i tweak them in matches?? What should i train after pre season ????? thx
  14. Is that a skin ? where can i download? Where do i put this file?
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