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  1. sorry, i dont understand, which part? can you see on picture
  2. - i'm working on it - i'm using other works, i'm just editing, not writing new code
  3. It will be published after a two-day but I'll publish it for you, I know your situation
  4. @drswit thanks but original is always better :thup: @Kris i realese beta version to 1-2 day, I'm still now trying to solve a few problem ** by the way sory for my english, it's not better until my skin
  5. i edited drswit's HelveticaLite skin. HELVETICALITE-DARK BETA v1.0 changelogs v1.0: -left sidebar label color changes -menubar color changed -change sidebar secondary colour and a few little changes DOWNLOAD
  6. drswit, oh sorry, I shared about it because you're the author, i post new threat and edited messages on this threat
  7. i'm edited original skin. When finished I can share it here, there are a few small problems but %95 done
  8. how to change positions pitch line's color? and turn old (v1) colors on menubar
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