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  1. I have a question about p108 (unplugged). I'm finding great stats in my games, and always build up around the opponent area, but I can't convert these into proper chances/goals. What should I do?
  2. Have you used the TFF tactics with throw in exploit? It ruins the game for me, and contributes to too many of the same goals.
  3. Do any of these tactics use the throw in exploit like tff? I want one without.
  4. Thanks I will try volante anchor. Do you have a shut up shop tactic? if not do u recommend one?
  5. Knap what tactic would u use for an away tactic as Arsenal? Also what tactic for tough games? (barca utd etc) I use beowulf 424 and its great!
  6. Nice result Knap. I will test the argus in a new arsenal save and let you know!
  7. I don't specifically mind. I will have a good budget to change players if I need to. I was just wondering your opinion on your best tactics here?
  8. Hi Knap. What tactics would you use for a bigger PL team? Home/away etc I'm playing a save as arsenal and struggling this season. Thanks
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