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  2. Hi @knap . Do you have some tactics I can use with this one? Something for away/big game with similar formation or positions. Thanks
  3. Whats the latest version of 21? is it 21.2 or is there new one? This is the version im on, is it fine for current match engine?
  4. Hi Knap. What was your recommended top/elite tactics for fm20 apart from warrior. Stuff like the MU P111
  5. This is in regards to rival AI clubs having an advantage over transfers battles For example: Team A (me) and Team B (AI) bid £10m for player X. Both bids are accepted. I successfully negotiate a contract and await for confirmation. I will then see a inbox message a couple of days later saying that Team B have made a new increased bid (E.g £15m) Clearly this new higher bid will be accepted (in most cases, lets assume team A & B are similar reputation + hold similar interest to the player) Now I am unable to match this new bid as I've already offered a contrac
  6. Save scumming ruins the game for me. Sure you will win more but you won't get as much enjoyment from it
  7. Has anyone been able to edit the homegrown registration rules for Champions League? I want to remove the registration rules.
  8. Whats the results for this tactic? Do u play CB or WB in the LB/RB role, given theres only 1 CB roie?
  9. @knap Tactic for when unable to score vs defensive team? Or tactical adjustment. I'm using 442 Venom&faith, some games we score 5 some games can't make chances
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