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  1. They would take the free wages. It's a loophole for a totally unrealistic event.
  2. I am holidaying the winter break in my save. My contract expires end of the season and I don't want to renew. Is there a way I can go through with my holiday and have all contract offers to be automatically rejected?
  3. @knap I just see sub top and underdog. So use the sub top column?
  4. What are tactics for favourites? I'm expected to be between 1st-3rd in Slovakian league. I have underdog tactic for EL but need one to dominate domestically
  5. Hey all. I am starting a journey man save, currently in Division 1 Norra (3rd tier Sweden) and would like to know how to set up training for part time clubs. I normally leave this stuff to ass man in a regular top tier save, but since it's only a few blocks a week I would like to do it myself. How would you guys set up the couple of training sessions each week?
  6. @Ragin Cajun Hey can you link/attach the tactics you're using?
  7. Hello @Knap What tactics would you use for journeyman saves? (low league european) home/away? Do I need to use simple tactics?
  8. @knap looking for recommended tactics . I'm PL predicted 7th @ 7/1 - playing in UCL, what u think? You have many tactics Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will playthrough a season a give some results. Few questions: 1) Regarding PF(s). Would it be possible to play someone with PF attributes (high mentals and physicals) but has bad/decent finishing? How often is he finding himself in scoring opportunities vs making chances + space for others? 2) What changes would you make for i) going down to 10 men ii) securing a lead in the final 10/15 mins iii) having to chase a goal or two. So far I am impressed with the tactic. It satisfies 2 main things for me. Firstly plays fantastic looking football on the ME. It is not as fun if i'm winning with boring looking unrealistic play. Additionally, I commend you for being one of the few tactics on here who isn't using the throw in exploits.
  10. What type of player do you advise for RM? I know you said playmaker, what other stats would he need? Does he need to have the general physicals of a typical wide player? Also can you talk about how important his foot is? Is it possible I can play someone with reasonable left foot there?
  11. @knap I'm struggling with Norwich save 1st season. Can u rec 2 or 3 underdog tactics I can try?
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