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  1. @knap What defensive/away/underdog tactic would you use to accompany echoes 4231 p111 TH P92? I am underdog in PL, the tactic is doing decent but sometimes I'm get ****ed by big team.
  2. I found that you can absolutely exceed the 125,000 player limit with little to no issues. The loading/saving/run time issues arise from the amount of leagues you have loaded. So feel free to add extra players to the starting database (you should have more regens to choose from too), but limit the leagues you load. You can load the top 4/5 on view only, or just leave them all together. The only issue I've found is that you obviously cannot see the league table, but players still register ratings, transfers work fine as do youth intakes.
  3. Sorry to bump this old topic, but i'm having the exact same error. I'm not editing anything to do with this youth league! Please help
  4. Can our C team be promoted from Segunda División B if B team is already promoted to LL SmartBank? I don't want both to be in 2nd division.
  5. Hi @knap . Do you have some tactics I can use with this one? Something for away/big game with similar formation or positions. Thanks
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