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  1. He is going to update the drivers for the integrated card then im going to see what happens any idea how much a laptop without integrated graphics will cost me?
  2. It stops responding when im browsing the internet or watching a video on VLC player. Im told that it does not have a graphics card it has integrated graphics on the mother board
  3. I have a HP G62 Laptop which is just under two years old and Ive been having an issue with the machine not responding and it does this will playing football manager and whilst doing other things. So I sent the machine off to be fixed and the guy has had a look and has done bench mark tests on all the hardware and he says all the hardware has passed the tests we initially thought the hard drive might be failing but it has passed the tests. He says the machine has integrated graphics and the integrated graphics are very poor and are not really appropriate for games. So my question is if the integrated graphics are struggling with football manager and causing the machine to stop responding them why does it stop responding when im not doing playing the game as well? How much would a laptop with a graphics card rather the integrated graphics cost?
  4. Just played a game and my team played a hell of a lot better Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is the second system i am going to use could some one please take a look at my player duites and tell me if I need to tweek anything
  5. Decided to go with a new system are the player duties ok or is there anything that needs tweeking? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. so can I have my left winger as an attacking winger with a supportive fullback behind him and my right winger a support winger with an attacking full back at right back? Or is it more effective to have say both my wingers as attacking wingers and both full backs supportive?
  7. ok im going to use a different system could some one explain to me about balancing player duties across horizontal and vertical lines across the pitch? Is it basically if I have an attacking winger I have to have an attackinf full back behind him? Or is it if I have an attacking winger I should have a supportive fullback behind him?
  8. That was Witty I cant play the game at all Im arsenal and im getting out played by the likes of southampton Ive tried with PSG as well and the same result and no matter what i do with my tactics im still getting outplayed by lesser teams
  9. I was talking to a mate of mine about this game and I told him that I was struggling with it. He then said to me that a big part of it was balancing your player's duties in horizontal and vertical lines so my question is how do I do this and why is it so important and will it stop my players from missplacing short passes?
  10. I have tried all the suggestions mentioned and still Southampton have the lions share of the possession and my players keep misplacing passes
  11. Yeah ive had a look at the tactics forum but I need a website that will explain the basics of the tactical side of this game because im really struggling
  12. Does anyone know if SI has any plans to release a Guide book for this game like they did for some previous games? Im really struggling tactically with this game I was also wondering if anyone has any links to sites that can help with the tactical side of this game?
  13. Cazorla is set to attack the when i set up the formation I ticked the box that sets the player duties up automatically Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide to tactics for this game?
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