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  1. I'll definitely try that. My hope was that the CM/A would fulfill that role - I figured he would be a good attacking target but he seems to sit deeper than I would like when in posession. Would the B2B help this?
  2. I get very few chances and if I do they come from set pieces. The shoot on sight instruction is a recent addition, I saw very little difference when adding it. The problem is that while I have a lot of possession, it's all too deep to be threatening. Some games I'm thrilled to see a 0-0 draw where the other team has no chances and I get 1 or 2 half-chances, but other games I expect to really dominate and see the same thing. I'm experimenting with removing the Retain Possession instruction and changing the RPM/s to an AP/A. I'm trying to get the ball forward into more threatening positions to play in the WM/A or CF/S.
  3. Hi All, I've got a save using Lucena in the Spanish Second Division B4. Having looked through the team I noticed that they have good decisions, teamwork, and workrate. I decided to try to build a tactic with focus on maintaining possession and pressing in defense. I typically line up in a 4-1-4-1 like this: Control/Highly Structured Left Back - FB/a Center Backs - CD/d Right Back - CWB/a Defensive Midfielder - Anchor Man/d Left Midfielder - WM/a - Roam From Position, sit narrower, cut inside with ball Center Midfielder Left - RPM/s - More risky passes Center Midfielder Right - CM/a - Close down more, roam, move into channels Right Midfielder - Wide Playmaker/s Striker - Complete Forward/s - Close down more Team Instructions - retain possession play out of defense float crosses shoot on sight push higher up My idea is that the anchorman, RPM, and WP should see a lot of the ball with goals coming from the WM/a, CM/a and CF/s. The CWB on the right side provides an overlap while the FB/a on the left should do so rarely. This tactic actually defends quite well but I see very few goals. In my last 5 games, 4 of them were 0-0 draws! I tend to have a lot of possession and in those games I was probably a little unlucky not to win outright. I'm trying to see what changes I can make to get more goals without opening myself up too much. Any thoughts?
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