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  1. After speaking with a couple of other guys on another forum its about to do with the graphics settings in the game, I will try this out and if it still keeps happening I'll check the crash dumps.
  2. Not happening everytime but has happened twice in an hour where I submit my team to go play a game and it takes ages then the game just crashes and closes, no error messages or anything?
  3. Got him for 750k up front and £1m over 6 month payments for Rangers, just been gradually breaking him into the team! Do you usually play him as an Inside Forward or a Winger?
  4. Just closed the program and started another new game and its working now
  5. Started a new game this morning and it keeps coming up "SAVE GAME FAILED" "The game could not be saved", any ideas how to get this saved? Cheers
  6. Got Moult in my save but he isn't the best TBH, misses loads of chances!
  7. anyone got screengrabs of how good Morelos is? Reckon he will be class in this game!
  8. thank you! I have an AC Milan save so I will try this tonight!
  9. Tried Dembele but he just signed a new deal at that lot and doesn't want to come, I'm a Rangers fan so I wasn't overly bothered about him anyway haha! Cheers mate will have a look later on once home from work, top man!
  10. Playing as Leeds in my second season in, got promotion and currently sitting 14th in the EPL but none of my strikers can seem to score, can anyone recommend a good striker I have about £7m budget?
  11. Can someone put their tactic up as a download for this 343 formation please? Struggling to recreate it myself, cheers
  12. will the 2 boys from Accrington be signed on pre contracts on the january update do you think?
  13. any idea when the January transfer update will be released? cheers:thup:
  14. yeah defo a good problem to have, just need to see who I think is better I reckon
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