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  1. My thoughts on Bruce’s 4-1-4-1 gk d rb - Fb - s - stay wider, cross more often cb - d cb -d lb - fb - s - get further forward (the Scottish Cafu Hutton) dm - anchorman - d rm - w - cut inside ppm cm - rpm - s (super jack) cm - cm - s lm - inverted winger - stay wider cf - df- s maybe changer the forward to dlf - and play on counter structured
  2. Basically I want a tactic that gets my poacher scoring goals! So far I’ve got gk- d wbr - d bpd - d cb - d wbl - A dm- d bbm - s if- s am - s - get further forward, more risky passes, shoot less W - s - cross from byline p - a Can anyone recommend any changes or see any problems, I’m on my first game with this tactic so can’t say how it’s working out yet
  3. Rashidi I’ve Just watched your getting started YouTube and found it very useful thanks, would you do an Aston Villa one?
  4. So what roles would you use when playing Iofra Mandi abdoul de leat.wb(a) Meli. Rahman wb (a) Hughes cm (s) Lincoln ap(a) Preciedo cf (s) batshuyshi cf (a) i score goals but i feel I should be creating more or at least have a goal scorer that has scored more than others and I don't see that on the stats
  5. I've got iorfa but play him on the right side of a 3 man defence
  6. True could be a decent enough back up, I'm yet to get on the game and look for myself and send a scout out, thanks for the suggestion anyway definitely better than I was doing looking
  7. Work rates not up to scratch for me, 10 and I want running up and down the pitch
  8. I've picked up baba Rahman from Chelsea for the left his stats look good to me, with the idea to sell amavi .. still need to sort the right side out with 10m budget
  9. Aston Villa season 2 January, on the left I've got amavi and Ryan sessegnon and the right adomah and de Leat feel like I need better on the right all round and better on the left now whilst Ryan sessegnon develops
  10. Looking for the best players for a complete wing back role, playing a back 3 with 2 wing backs needed and looking for suggestions thanks
  11. Please share yes, transfers, formations everything I like reading villa saves
  12. Are you using an OI's ?? Cant wait for some more in depth analysis of some games finding this thread really interesting
  13. Has anyone or is anyone planning an Aston villa save on fm17 to read and follow?
  14. Ahh yes thank you many advice on a cm pairing I'm unsure how to go about those two roles
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