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  1. So what roles would you use when playing Iofra Mandi abdoul de leat.wb(a) Meli. Rahman wb (a) Hughes cm (s) Lincoln ap(a) Preciedo cf (s) batshuyshi cf (a) i score goals but i feel I should be creating more or at least have a goal scorer that has scored more than others and I don't see that on the stats
  2. Herne79 - brilliant thread, you've mentioned a couple of times during your posts about working hard during games, i would love if you could do a section on how you play an actual game?? I find I end up just watching the game and don't really know what I'm looking for in a tactical sense, or what tweaks I would make to solve problems if I did notice them. If possible I would really appreciate it
  3. Sorry yeah I've got grealish as an if(a) and a cm(a) nether of them seem to be getting up near the false 9 though
  4. Playing as Aston villa and I'm set up similarly like 4-1-2-2-1 with a DM, and two wingers and a false 9 type player up top, and am attempting the defensive and structured set up tactic but I seem to be losing every game by 1, am having shots but most of the time to me it looks like there's not enough up top, no real chances seem to be created How did you get the false 9 to work??
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