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  1. My only problem is that every player I want to sign is apparently worth £81m to the team in question. I don't recall this being the quoted value of many players on the news and ****. Anyway, apart from that, really not a lot bothering me about the game. Apart from, in 2029, I got about fifty agents sacked. Literally. I just have to snap my fingers and an agent gets sacked.
  2. I think it's brilliant, but I've picked up a lot of knocks since its introduction. Probably not enough to see it as definitively anything other than a statistical anomaly, but enough that I was more than a little concerned.
  3. Nobody is getting relegated, so offer a relegation release clause of £1 or whatever. It's also worth doing a quick sum, if you can be arsed, relating to yearly wage increases versus what they want for a weekly wage. I used to hate to see a wage increase year on year, and i used to offer a higher weekly wage to be rid of it - but oftentimes it's not worth it, so use a calculator (you can use one onilne after all). Don't forget the vig.
  4. The "angry" option isn't enough in teamtalks. You should be able to "kick boot at eye" or "offer outside". That would be excellent.
  5. Chairmen shouldn't get involved if the money from any given sale is to be handed back to the manager for transfers. There is no game logic here. If the chairman want to sell a player to pay the shareholders or to expand the stadium, that is reasonable, but why on earth would a manager accept 30m for a player, then hand you that money so you can buy more players? Also, sort out Celtic's finances please, i never complain about players, but getting the finances straight is a must, Celtic a re a PLC after all.
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