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  1. Yeah exactly. Feel like this is something that should be considered in the game. Anyway, I won the final 3-0 so no big issue!
  2. I'm just about to play the Champions League final and Bruno Fernandes has blisters and misses out! Obviously, this is a hammer blow (also lost Maguire in the week running up to the final). I have seen blisters pop up as an injury in previous versions and I've always thought it a bit odd. I have never heard of a professional footballer missing a game of football with blisters! Now I'm sure blisters can be very painful but there's no pain killing injection available either. Is it just me or this injury overstated? Just wear some compeed and get on with it!
  3. I just had a suggestion to sort out an issue for an opposition player - see screengrab, I'm Man Utd and it popped up to sort because Ricardo Pereira had picked up a knock. It may be relevant that he and Luke Shaw appeared to both pick up a knock at the same time (presumably they clashed) as they were both on the sideline receiving treatment at the same time so it perhaps confused things
  4. I use full screen mode. I tried zooming out to 85% and it works - will try 95% next.
  5. In the group stage I was able to make 5 subs and select 12 as should be the case but when I got to the knockout stages I am able to name 12 as usual in the first leg but every round it has only allowed 7 subs (and 3 to be made) in the second legs. I've reached the final so this has been for the first knockout, quarter and semi final where this has occurred.
  6. I've only noted this in the post match team talk but assume it is the same at half time but it seems you can only give one individual team talk. Once you give a talk to one player, all the boxes next to the players are not tickable to allow you to speak to another player.
  7. I have this issue too. It's always my AMR that is missing
  8. Agree - this is really annoying and unnecessary. Wasn't sure if it was a bug but definitely needs sorting.
  9. Not played much for some time but recently re-ignited my San Marino save... To recap: We got promoted from Serie D at the 3rd attempt after consecutive 2nd place finishes and playoff defeats We won Serie C in our 2nd season after a season of consolidation We finished 5th in Serie B in our first season and lost in the playoffs In our 2nd season, we finished 8th (although amassed the same points tally as last season) and again lost in the playoffs after a heartbreaking 5-4 defeat to Palermo in extra time. We scored a 92nd minute goal to surely progress 3-2 but Palerm
  10. I have heard about the 1 on 1s - that would do my head in! Hitting the woodwork annoys me but I heard that's finally sorted in FM20 but then there's always something! I think I was lucky then - we became professional as soon as we entered Serie C. Not sure what influences that decision but could be a difference between 19 and 20 also.
  11. Thanks - to be honest, I will give it a good go as the Serie A money would be huge but it will be tough. We are currently 3rd but 4 points behind 2nd; we're only 1 point ahead of 3rd so not much chance of breaking away and getting promoted in 3rd. You make a good point though, the promotion system from D and C is brutal - glad I managed to get through that fairly swiftly. Interested to know what the problem is with the ME on FM20?
  12. Great thread, I just wanted to post in here to see if I can join the discussion as I'm doing the challenge on FM19!? I tend to buy the new version every other year as I get attached to saves (plus I don't get as much time to play so can't get through as many saves as I used to). I'm not concerned with being tagged with achievements etc. but be good to share anecdotes and ask questions. I'm doing well in Serie B in my 6th season (spent 3 seasons in Serie D and 2 seasons in Serie C). Thought we would really struggle in Serie B but my loan signings have worked out well and we punch above our
  13. Just wondering if anyone is still playing this on FM19? I tend to upgrade every other version, mainly because I get attached to saves and don't get as much time to play these days. Anyway, I'm in my 4th season of doing this challenge - never attempted it before but optimistic I can get the club to the top at the very least. 1st Season - Finished 2nd but lost play-off semi-final playing 4312 2nd Season - Poor start, struggled to score with many draws. Switched to my preferred 4231 and went on an epic run 2nd half of the season run to finish 2nd but then lost in the play-off semi-
  14. And so to Spain duty! We had 3 warm up games before the World Cup, the first of which was against Ecuador in March which although we won 3-1, we trailed 1-0 and we were poor for large parts of the game. An own goal got us level around the hour and Saul finally gave us the lead in the 87th minute before Garcia sealed it in the 90th minute. South Korea followed a similar pattern with an own goal giving us an equaliser, although this equaliser came within a minute of falling behind. We completely dominated here and South Korea scored with their first chance. Mere and Oyarzabal scored the goa
  15. Real went to Atletico and brushed them aside 3-0! So much for what looked like a tricky fixture. Meanwhile, our trip to Betis ended in disappointment with a drab performance and 0-0 to match. However, we quickly put that behind us by making light of Atletico ourselves, thumping them 6-1 at San Mames after Real won at Levante 3-0! We actually fell behind to Atletico in the 8th minute but we were level just 2 mins later through Iriondo and he struck again just before half-time to give us the lead. Sanz scored a second half hat-trick before Iriondo completed his hat-trick also to truly humiliate
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