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  1. I have started with fiorentina and been using the 4231 tactic but I find my striker always gets a rubbish rating and never regardless of who I play there Any recommendations I'd a diff tactic or change of role
  2. Does it make a difference if you play the match yourself, instant result or go on holiday, Will your AM apply your tactics?
  3. I’be been using the anchor on my Aberdeen save for the last 3 seasons and I can’t seem to get the same level of domination being commented on here. I’m using the tablet version of FMT but as it uses the same ME I assume I could plug and play. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the squad quality over anything. Any suggestions?
  4. I was looking around the tactics forum but most seem to be in .fmf file. I downloaded one to my tablet but can’t figure out how to get that file into the game, if possible. do you need to manually create each tactic or can you import them?
  5. How do you get these tactics for FMT, I don’t have the full version, I only bought the tablet version.
  6. Yeah I’m waiting for the tablet version.
  7. No worries, hoped i would be able to have it downloaded for the train journey into work 😀
  8. When on the 2nd will it be ready for download?
  9. List has been released https://www.footballmanager.com/blog/fm19-touch-device-compatibility-list
  10. Ah bugger! Well guess I need to wait a bit longer. ive gone years only playing the mobile version so dipping back into a fuller experience for the first time in a while. Chomping at the bit!!
  11. I’m purchasing a new tablet for this but no compatibility list as yet? Why release it if you don’t know what device it will run on?
  12. Will the comparable devices be released soon, the webpage says early October, I’m trying to weigh up getting an android tablet or iPad. There are loads of options but the reviews are a bit hit or miss. Anyone have any advice on what’s run the game well in the past, looking at galaxy tab s3 or s4 or the new iPad, anyone used the Huawei ones?
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