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  1. Nah, just didn't work for my St Albans team but I'm sure thats just because they are rubbish Really didn't have the same defensive results for me, tried tinkering a bit but not too much as I was testing your tactic and not trying to create a whole new one. Did revert back to my old technique which eventually got me promoted as champs but I'm bound to be poached by a bigger, better team soon and I'll test this tactic out again then. Cheers chap.
  2. ERM........currently on my worst ever start to a season !!!!!! w - 1 d - 1 l - 3 Nevermind I shall persist
  3. Well it would seem that I must give this little tactic a go. I've just finished season 2009/2010 and yet again I've finished just outside the conference playoffs with St Albans (I dunno why I chose them either) Hopefully this will stop the 99.9999% of games that I lose by the odd goal with the opposition only have 1 shot !!!! I'll keep you posted, cheers
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