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  1. Believe this is a known issue with MacOS. I emailed Sega for a response and I believe it has something to do with some MacOS setting / infrastructure. My game was repeatedly freezing whenever I changed the resolution, ended up having to go into the text files for the game and change it manually so there maybe something in there that you can manually change to get windowed mode.
  2. Im one of the biggest critics on this site when it comes to average ratings and think they need to be improved massively but I think you're wrong here. Yes 4 cleansheets out of 8 is good, but its not outstanding. Would'nt say they deserve a 7.8 or above, as that is typically left for players having borderline world-class performances. Anything above a 7 is a good average rating so the fact your defenders are averaging between 7-7.4 is very good, IMO.
  3. I'm sorry but what an incredibly strange thing to say? As many have stated, this is a spread-sheet based game that is all about statistics. Having said stats being broken and not tracked is an issue with the fundamental basis of the game. I am really not sure how the game has been out for two months and key stats are still not registering. Sure, you may not use them but there are a lot of players who use stats like that in order to inform their decision about buying a player.
  4. Yeah I mentioned the same, seems to me that the quicker, more direct you play the lower your ratings. Switched my tactics in december from a direct style to a shorter passing style and by the end of the season the player ratings improved quite a lot. Can definitely say that the player rating issue is due to style of play.
  5. Looking at them they arent the best so maybe that is a partial explanation for the matter, so thank you. Still think there are a few issues with goalkeepers kicking in general looking at some other threads on here by my keepers poor decisions probably don't help! Cheers for the help on this!
  6. Think it would be useful for reputation changes to happen a little more fluently throughout the season or at least happen as soon as the season ends. You can get straight to new transfer business that way instead of having to wait for reputation to update when realistically it would improve / decrease as the season goes on.
  7. Again that isnt my issue. My problem is that when the opposition arent preventing short passes and my goalkeeper can easily play it to the fullbacks and centre backs, he doesnt. A goal kick with open defenders to play the ball to and yet my keeper still insists on launching it forward. I have no problem with him launching long if there isnt options though.
  8. Bar the tempo, I already do all of this, thats why im complaining. I have also had it on take short kicks and that doesnt work. Dont get me wrong, I dont expect a short kick every time especially if the opposition are preventing short goalkeeper distribution but there are so many times where my fullbacks and centre backs are wide open and my keeper decides to boot it up top to my 5'8 striker, who obviously loses the ball.
  9. Im getting genuinely really annoyed and fed up of my goalkeeper repeatedly kicking the ball long despite having instructions to do otherwise. No matter what, he kicks it long. Never seen him play it short and I concede SO many goals from this.
  10. Whenever I assign a specific scout to a player and check the scout priorities tab, there is never any time remaining and the player is not scouted, is anyone else having this issue or knows how to fix it? Scouting does work if I click the get scout report button and let a random scout asses the player but I would much rather be able to assign specific scouts to specific players.
  11. I agree with this, QME tends to get much higher match ratings. Especially seen in my game where my u18s and u23s are all averaging great ratings using the same tactic as my main team.
  12. Also, it seems that no matter what, players in the opposition team that I am facing get above 7 ratings even if they lose by a few goals? In the same match I struggle to get two players above a 7 with a win but the other team who lose have good average ratings? Just doesnt make sense.
  13. As stupid as it sounds, you may want to look into changing the colour of an average rating of 6.8 or above. Currently it appears just grey and white until they average a 7 and above – The previous benchmark for a good performance – but if you are now saying that 6.8 is above average, it may be time to reflect that in the colour and place them green. Makes it much easier to visually recognise if somebody is having a good season IMO.
  14. Yep, still seeing this issue even now. I understand that sometimes goalkeepers will see the opportunity to launch a quick counter attack but this happens almost everytime.
  15. I have lost count of the amount of times that my goalkeeper gathers the ball and then proceeds to kick the ball long, despite the instructions being to take short kicks to the fullback and centre backs. I have conceded numerous goals because of this and I'm not sure how to stop it. Anyone else having this issue?
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