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  1. I'll be honest, I went from lurking the forums to posting to complain about match ratings but I think im pretty happy with them now. Im starting to get an average rating of above 7 for most of my players now and in most matches there is green across the board. I agree with some that wingers are an issue and unless one of mine scores, he will get a pretty poor average rating. However in a new save of mine, I decided I didnt want to worry about winger ratings and created a 3-4-1-2 formation and it is working wonders. Everyone performs brilliantly and my central midfielders and wingbacks are especially flourishing. Think SI have done a good job of fixing them, still improvements to be made but much better than they were 3 months ago.
  2. Im not sure what has happened here but the same goal I scored has managed to count twice towards the scoreline? I checked the highlights after and saw that both goals apparently scored in the 68th minute were counted. What is even more confusing is that I could have sworn I had scored a goal before, but that has seemingly disappeared from the highlights? Im not sure if the reply has glitched and shown the same goal twice or what but thought best to report it. FC Halifax v Wrexham.pkm
  3. Not sure if I've created myself an unbelievable tactic but I've just thrashed League 1 Sunderland in the FA cup with my national league Wrexham... Granted im predicted to finish first in the league but still.
  4. Anyone know why im getting no scout report on players even though they are being scouted?
  5. I think downloaded tactics at times get harsh feedback, of course there are ones that purposely exploit the match engine and I personally think they are pointless and removes any fun from the game but the more traditional ones that dont yield as good results are ok IMO. I remember last year how overpowered the default gengenpress preset was and you could essentially plug that into any team and it would yield great results pretty much instantly, I dont think there is much difference between using that a downloaded tactic, after all they're pre-built for you. Either way, I think tactics at times are overthought and such. Squad happiness and training can end up improving your team as much as any tactic if you do it right.
  6. Shhh, personally don't want this fixed as it saves me quite a bit of money as I can dictate when a player gets a new contract
  7. I see some people mention the use of Knaps tactics. I think if you use one of his tactics as a base and then tweak it to your own team and adapt to how your opposition play, theres a big enough argument to say that you're not just plug and playing. Personally, I have downloaded a Knap tactic but changed roles and instructions enough to my own team that I would probably consider it some of my own now. I just like a base to start from
  8. Ill be honest, I dont think I have had any real issues since the latest update either, which is weird as I dont think they touched the ME. Sure I get the occasional game where a player will be on a 6.4 or lower but at the moment when I am winning I am getting good ratings. When I lose its a completely different matter of course but you would expect that. I think player consistency seems to have a bigger effect this year.
  9. Wondering what everyone does in terms of scouting? I've scouted nations but I've seen far more people scout regions instead and come away with success from it so im just wondering what peoples opinions are about it?
  10. Money in the championship has increased massively in the last 4+ years. Id say any of the top 12 teams would pay some pretty decent wages and bonuses now, a lot more players than you think are on 15k+. I usually just increase goal and assist bonuses and then remove appearance fees and that usually does the trick.
  11. Asked for a scout report on a player, report came back with 79% knowledge so I naturally clicked continue scouting however, when I go to scout assignments, it says there is no progress remaining and no scout assigned to him. This happens whenever I try to continue scouting and the scout reports never come back unless I cancel them and manually assign a scout for a set period of time.
  12. I'll be honest I've done a lot of complaining this year but two things I do love are the new interface and how optimised the game is in terms of saving and how quickly it runs. I know theres been a lot of discussion about the interface but I for one love it, theres still some tweaking to do but I believe it's an improvement on previous versions. I also really like the addition of greeting players with a handshake etc, small feature but helps the immersion IMO.
  13. Theres no worries at all, I completely understand. I'll be honest I didn't realise there was a thread about it in general discussion so thats my fault there, will take any discussions to there now. I appreciate the replies and everything.
  14. Just thought I'd place in another example of this, not sure if the latest patch was meant to address it or not
  15. So we can't discuss this issue in the general feedback forum as it's to specific and that thread was made for just general feedback but we can't discuss it here either? Im sorry but some of us want to be able to discuss this issue with one another, I think that's fair?
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