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  1. Libero is not compatible with offside trap. With both wing backs with attack duty you are too opened on a right side with box to box midfielder. Left side is backed up by deep lying playmaker. If you have deep lying playmaker, you dont need another one on AMC also both attacking strikers is too much. You have to look for balance. Honestly I´m struggling with AMC too but SS with DLFsu is the best for me. Now I´m trying to play with three upfront (DLFsu - AF - PFde) and so far is better. Playing narrow is important in narrow formation. You´ve got only wing backs. If you want to control the
  2. Try to change libero to central defender - defend. Give the right wing back support duty and also the deep lying playmaker. Change the attacking midfielder to shadow striker and one of the strikers to deep lying support. Try attacking mentality, play narrow, shorter passing, slightly higher tempo, overlap right. Quit play out of defence and pass into space and tigher marking. Try Much higher defensive line and more urgent pressing.
  3. Happened to me as well. Going to post the screen later.
  4. Inter vs Lazio The One I know, we should have scored more...
  5. Hello, I would like to ask everyone how to manage youngster in germany in reserve team? I started a save with Augsburg and there are a few good loking talents in II team. But they are too old to be in U19 squad but too young and unexperienced to play for my main team. If I leave them in main team, they don´t get any matches for II team (those invisible matches which are visible in players stats) and overloading my staff. On the other hand if I send them to II team, which is semi-pro, they don´t get enough training. And I can´t loan them at the start of the game or loan them everyone...So I am
  6. If I am rigth youth facilities should only affect development of players before youth intake. All visible players use only training facilities.
  7. Hello SI, I´d like to report an issue with a try to offer contract for a free player. I don´t know why but there is a compensation almost million pounds which I can´t afford. I have the newest version of the game. Save uploaded is named "Oliver Welsh - Wrexham 23-24.fm Thank you in advance. Oliver Roland
  8. BETA save: I´m thinking about Chelsea, Arsenal,Sporting, Roma or Sparta Prague. Chelsea because I´m excited about developing their youngsters and Arsenal, Sporting and Roma haven´t won their leagues for a while. Also I would develope young players, especially in Rome. Last year I played for Sparta and while it was quiet easy to win the Czech league, it was challenging to make some progress in Europe. LTS: Few years earlier I had so much fun with welsh Wrexham, when I got to Champions league signing welsh players only and I´m thinking about repeating it. Bolton or Sunderland should be fun
  9. Could the "Real Names fix" be the issue here? I have played for Wrexham for 10 years and I can´t see myself in the leaderboard. I did not use anything else than that fix.
  10. Hi guys, can please anyone tell me, if Rangers U20 is participating in Scottisch development league in second season? Thanks for the answer
  11. Hi everyone, I´m thinking about starting this challenge but I wonder why can I load only one nation? Is this because it´ll be more difficult when I´ll get youngster only from my nation? Thanks for any reply and good luck!
  12. Hello to all FM fans! I would like to ask you if what you think about this configuration. It´s would be mainly for playing FM. Intel core i7-7700 (3,6GHz - 4,2GHz, HT), 16GB DDR4 CRUCIAL 2400MHz, Intel HD Graphics, 240GB SSD Kingston Now UV400, 350W source SEASONIC SSP-350ST 80Plus Bronze. (https://www.czc.cz/czc-pc-office-i7-ssd-w10-pro/207656/produkt) I watch matches only in 2D so I don´t need good graphic card. I do believe that this PC would be great for FM, but my only issue is the source. This PC is meant for office work so I´m worried about the noise during intense FM pl
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