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  1. I managed PSV and there is a rule that for B team can play only players younger than 23. But the game were offering me to make available older players too and they could not play. There is also a rule that in one week player can play only for one team. Sometimes even when this rules were met, the B team manager did not use those players.
  2. Hello, same issue here. Started as soon as possible in Germany (17.8.2020) and the first round of DFB Pokal is already scheduled on 12.9.2020 but no game for TSV. Can I ask you if this issue is already known and can be fixed in the future? Thank you
  3. One month after release and the game is still full of little but annoying bugs. In La Liga there is still issue with subs (one game I am allowed to use 5, next one just 4), the latest score is pure mess and sometimes when I want to see screen with match which was already played, there is just empty screen. I think all of this was reported in bug forum. Luckily this year ME is great.
  4. Third league is a real mess. Long breaks between games (6 games in promotion group, after 5 games I have to wait 28 games till next game). Mess with subs - in one game I can use 3, in another 5, in another 4....despite the rules which tells 5. Now in the last play off stage, there should be 9 subs. In first game I could have 9 subs, in second game only 7.... Finished the first round. In clash between Deportivo and Recreativo there is a bug. Deportivo wond first game 2:0- Recreativo won second game 2:0. Deportivo promoted. No extra time.
  5. Hello, in Spanish La Liga rules allows to substitute five times. Yet it differs from match to match. Once I can use only 3 subs, next time 5, then 3 again. Last time I could use 4 subs and no more.
  6. Just started save for FCB. In first la liga game I made 5 substitutions as rules allows. In second game I was able to make only 3 substitution...
  7. Great work, thanks for that. Just canť find Emmanuel van de Blaak in PSV squad. Iggy Houben is there but Blaak not.
  8. It is a pitty that those links are not leading anywhere. I would much appreciate if you could fix it Thanks
  9. Hello, thanks for your view of how to have balanced and more realistic game. I would like to ask you how many leagues do you recommend to be simulated in full detail? Top 20 (Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1,....) or just the one where you are managing? Sorry, it is quite confusing from the first post. As I haven´t paid attention to detail level before I am going to try to play patient and slow game with Hearts and see what is going to happen. My long term saves from FM20 (Wrexham and Inter) lasted around 20 years. I played with large database and around top 20 europe leagues loaded. Play
  10. Hello. Once this issue is fixed, will I need starting a new game or is it going to be fixed in games which has been started before the fix? Thank you for you time
  11. Anyone else thinks that matches in Europe, particularly away matches, are in some way scripted? I am managing PSV, struggle to get over Ajax in 4 years, especially losing points away againt Herenveen, Utrecht etc....but in Europe I played against Chelsea, Atletico, Bayern, Juventus and many others (as I win europa league very easily) and all matches were the same? All draws 1:1, whole game under pressure but somehow their best players couldnt score. LOOSING TO CAMBUUR, FORTUNA AND OTHER JUNK AS THEY SCORE 3 OUT OF 3, BUT LEWA, WERNER, RONALDO, SANE, MESSI CANT SCORE FROM 6 CLEAR CU
  12. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1655598926700846583/FF92D1F73287DD80CDDA1F5711B0B96218190EA4/ I could be quite happy with this setup, but there are stil some minor issues. In this view I cant use shouts or instructions and in the visualiser widget I cant see the action zones. I have to click on that arrow down to go to just three widgets to get those buttons. And after every change in tactis the screen goes into this state: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1655598926700860713/0275D4D3FD412C5A17D372721D28BFF1D1730E80/ so I have to widen the right area again and ag
  13. Same happening to me. Instruction to kick it short but still delivering long even when had a few teammates available around. In beta it wasn´t problem.
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