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  1. Holy crap thank you ! That’s a S ton of text 👌🏻
  2. Hey ! How are you're all doing ? Hope you're all Great ! So, how can I see ALL those tips that are rolling at loading screen ? I play football manager for ages now but sometimes I still see something I didn't know there ! is there a place with all of them ? I searched around but found nothing, maybe I looked in the wrong places =p Cheers
  3. Sorry if this was already discussed but I couldn't find anything about it. So for entering the group fase of the champions league teams should be receiving 40 grand and not 10/12 grand. This might have not been updated from previous games but the questions are: Should it ? and, Why wasn't yet ? OK having into account that it wasn't, where can I found a database created by a fan that updates this ? Sorry to be asking but can't find it anywhere ! Cheers !
  4. My problem is adding this same thing both philosophies to man city but it’s impossible right?
  5. But it IS impossible to choose both right? cheers
  6. So I just noticed that Man United has the two following philosophies together: "Sign young players for the first team" and "High profile signings". The other two doesn't really matter now. The thing is when I try to add "sign young players for the first team" in say Man City that have the "High profile signings" philosophy i cannot do it unless I remove the latter one. What am I missing here ? Cheers
  7. Install in other drive than C: You are trying to install the game on a Disk that windows 10 doesn't give you the permission for, for security reasons. Just install in a D: or whatever you have until Z: I gess =)
  8. Thanks for everyone's help ! I'm starting a new save and wanted to make sure I'm doing things the right way. By huge you mean the custom "huge" running around on the internet or just the usual "large" that is an option in game by default ? I run the default large.
  9. I tried a 125K players database size and is barely noticeable the difference. There are a ton of generated staff and I haven’t even pressed the continue button once. I’m still in 26/6/2017 !
  10. So is a database of around 340K players (basically all loadable players) too big for a: i7 4770K GTX1060 8GB RAM ? I noticed in other FM's when i wanted to search for players it would get veeeeery slow to sort them and filter them. Same with staff. But that was it, it wasn't slow anyware else. I fully load (all leages from): England Germany Italy Portugal France Holland Belgium Spain Argentina Brazil (That's 32 leagues from 10 Contries) Thank you!
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