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  1. Anybody got an other idea? Since Hamachi is not working. This should just work in FM15 right? Why is no one from SI responding? I paid for the game just als anyone else, and your are just ignoring this bug!!
  2. Are more people having trouble with the speed on online games? The speed and responsiveness of the host are good, But the people joining the game have trouble. The main problem is the loading when for ex. opening a player profile or switching between different menu's. Anybody has an idea how to improve that? Both Pc's are running at 4/5 star speeds. The problem does not get better when selecting even only 1 competition and small database. I had some simmilar problems with FM14, but at FM 15 it is so bad that the game becomes pretty much unplayable. We use no custom database or anything like that. I do have some kit- and logopacks installed. But this was never a problem in earlier versions. MODS/ADMINS: I already posted this on the technical issue forum, but I don't get an awnser over there, so please leave this topic over here for a while.
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