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  1. France better on the night, and best team in the tournament. Belgium vs France would have been a better final, but don't even think they'd have got close to this team. They still had a few gears left to spare whereas Croatia gave everything.
  2. Has Pogba not dyed his hair all WC? Boy was serious innit!?
  3. Lloris looking for a world cup nutmeg 😂😂😂😂
  4. Easy for France. Lots of huffing and puffing from Croatia but only one team in this. They're too good.
  5. This is playing into France's hands. They've done this all world cup. Slow to start, and get stronger as the game goes on. If I was Croatian, I'd be worried they're not in front. France has this all day long. So impressive how they're just simply smarter than any team they play.
  6. Can we start another world cup from next week, I wanna do that again!
  7. LDWDL if you're doing that. Loving the symmetry. 1 win in 5 \o/ Regardless, what summer. Lots of work to be done, but much more optimistic at the end of the tournament than at the start.
  8. Well, 2 friendlies and 1 loss after extra time and a semi final. Was pretty epic tbf.
  9. That was incredible awareness from Stones. Been brilliant during the entire wc. Hope he gets back in the City defence next season.
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