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    ...and I’ll showcase my world,
    for everyone, so they can finally see,
    and just watch them queue for miles,
    just for a chance
    to buy a ticket to see me

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    Due back late 2021...

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  1. Yea, that was me. I thought they had message board sort of things for donation messages.
  2. Basically just wrote that the hospice better not be another Bisto and followed it up with a ha, jokes on them because that was my last £20!
  3. Oh ffs @SouthCoastRedI donated to the hospice too but can you ask them to refund it to me so I can do it again? I put a message on it thinking it'll be a message board sort of thing for everyone to see but can't find it anywhere. Was a good one too
  4. Meh, the endearment my followers show me is real and eternal. I didn't need to buy their love (like some people), they came willingly.... Thanks Weezer you geezer! Count me in And mods, you should definitely reset his post count.
  5. I don't want to win, stop voting for me ffs *I'll try humble reverse psychology and see if I can get people to feel sorry for me
  6. Oh please, without me you'll wilt away into insignificance again. I will never stop leading you. @Confused Clarity on the other hand, is dead to me!
  7. He's been one of the most entertaining users on FF for years. It wouldn't be the same without him. Sometimes 'best' doesn't mean useful. I take as people who entertain, and MLG is very very funny.
  8. Actually, no I didn't, I vote for myself
  9. Yea, well I'm just happy that someone else nominated at Went with Delta
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