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  1. Successful sportswashing excercise, corruption and that they lied and bribed to get it aside, it was pretty decent. For me I only managed to watch a handful of games because of the time difference and I found it fascinating to see how people here in South East Asia get obsessed by the WC, and being in bars at 3am in the morning with screaming local folk wearing other nation's shirts and supporting them like they were their own was an experience. The brilliant final itself kicks it up a few notches too. So a solid 5. Not enough free kicks goals though
  2. So many weird comments about Ronaldo in here That might go down as one of the greatest matches of all the time. It has the Messi fairytale as the iceing on the cake, but the way the match played out from the Argentina supershow in the first half and France being proper poisoned, to coming back from nowhere, and then that final ET with the equaliser and those huge misses at the end before the penalties... Wowserz, definitely the best WC final I can remember. Glad to have watched it.
  3. That's the fairytale ending for Messi. He can now go play his final years in the sun with Miami with Phil Neville shouting at him to track back.
  4. Meh, happy with that. Nice to know a few years out that we'd definitely be in a quarter finals next time under Southgate rather than chance the qualifiers with someone else. Gives Potter a couple more years to cut his jib too.
  5. Went with Scott, Mutley doesn't even have a midfield.
  6. What on earth is that bbc half time. No talk about how France get back in the game, but 5 minutes talking about Zabalota's shirt collection
  7. Blimey, do you think they have enough water on that pitch? Absolutely drowning it.
  8. We've now scored what, 11 goals in this WC and only 1 was from a set piece right? I never thought I'd see the day. Jude Bellingham is just sex in football shorts. What a player! Having one of those games for the ages.
  9. #southgate out, he's useless If that team rumour is true then a tad harsh on either Saka and Sterling to miss out, but Foden needs to play and Rashford is in the form of his life so not too bothered. Expect them to play some part of the game either way. More interested to see if he sticks with Hendo or brings in Phillips or Mount. Would go for Phillips to add some physical presence in the centre if he was fully fit.
  10. Maybe playing in winter is not such a bad thing after all, rarely seen England play with such sharpness and tempo. 6 goals and not a single set piece amongst them. That is unheard of where England is concerned. I'm confident: it's coming home.
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