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  1. FINAL NON CHEATERS LEADERBOARD well well well well well well It went down the wire there in the only leaderboard that matters. This list rewards honesty, integrity, gamesmanship and properness. So no place for obvious cheaters CC, Sebsy and Scott. It was neck and neck all the way to the end. And the winner is... .. .... @Bliss Seeker Hurrah. Oh wait, no it's @Sons FC Couldn't even win my own fricking game 😭 *3 points added for the handicap of entering a round drunk.
  2. Thanks Wiggy, awesome stuff. Looking forward to next year's event Now let's calculate those non cheater points...
  3. The drama at the top! AND on the non-cheaters leaderboard. For the record, I'm 2 points clear
  4. No need to be butt hurt, the fact that Wigmore's primitive cheater detection methods have failed him has no bearing on the status of the non-cheaters leaderboard. It's perfectly fine. Usain Bolt, Daley Thompson, Bradley Walsh, Lance Armstrong and Adrian Mutu - all cheats who the public accepted as weak men who caved to temptation in the name of competition. We get it, and we don't judge @Confused Clarity
  5. NON-CHEATERS LEADERBOARD Sorry for the delay, been a little busy. With 2 rounds to go, **** me this is tight at the top. I've naturally added my 3 handicap points for being drunk when submitting answers, which means I'm tied with @Semi Skilled Milk at the top, @The_jagsteronly one point behind and @Sons FC and @toon_84 and @grff all with a chance of securing the coveted trophy for those who chose to play this once a year event in the most ethical, honest and gentlemenly way possible way. Nothing against those leading the Cheaters table. Temptation is a wicked wicked thin
  6. 5 points there plus the 3 for being a little drunk bonus points puts me nicely top of the non cheating leaderboard. Will posy an update later!
  7. I'm now 6 pints into the night and we haven't even got to the house part yet! I also think i'm dying. My heart is hurting. Or it could just be trapped wind. Its been 3 days. Going to try some windeeze now to see if it worka
  8. No! That was the pre-gout pre-happyish version of bliss! This new version only drinks excessively during holidays and once ever 2 weeks!
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