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  1. I know this issue is not a major one, I hope you find a fix soon. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hello Kyle, sorry for the delay to answer you. I was out for a work travel. I'm playing on a laptop which default resolution is 1366x768. I tried to cycle through all options availabe in FM and no matter which resolution I choose, when I restart the game, it is restored to default resolution. Also, I tried to change resolution in windows, but the result was the same. I added the instruction "-windowed" in startup options on Steam, it solved the fullscreen problem but zoom still being restored to 100%.
  3. Hello, Kyle. I'm using 85% zoom. Regarding the cache folder, I deleted it too but no lucky there. I also tried unmark the option 'Use cache to decrese page loadings'(I don't remember the exactly label).
  4. Hey, Kyle. Thanks for your reply. I uninstalled my Nvidia drivers, downloaded and installed it again. But it is in the same version(and date when I look on dxdiag) that it was before. Version is 425.31 from last November 4th. And problem persists. I played beta without any problems, This issue started after 20.2.0 update.
  5. The game is not saving the window mode and scaling. Every time I start or restart the game, it changes from windowed to fullscreen and restores the scaling to 100%. I tried to check files with steam, tried to delete the 'preference' folder in AppData, but the problem persists. All other settings are being saved normally(formats, sounds, graphics, etc). I attached my belarc and dxdiag file. Belarc Advisor - Computer Profile.html DxDiag.txt
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