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  1. worked it out. there was a tickable box hidden deep in a menu somewhere which said only to manage international teams. god knows why someone would want that but there you go. unticked it and jobs appear. hooray! must say i don't like the skins, menu setups these days. labyrinthine and exceptionally counter-intuitive. awkward even to view a different league. que sera
  2. i'll try with another database and report back. odd that a database should preclude me from applying for a job though?
  3. most major leagues in europe. obviously im only applying for jobs in playable leagues bad photo - def greyed. cursor stays as pointer rather than the hand
  4. not sure how to 'verify cache files in steam' (i did buy it through steam) downloaded a different skin and tried it. still same oh well, thanks for help anyway. seems its busted
  5. it says i have 15.3.2 627042 (m.e v1555) it was the 'sortitoutsi.net live data update.zip' apologies if not allowed to mention on here reputable update any road. been downloaded tens of thousands of times for summer transfers so im not doing anything wrong and its likely a corrupt database thats ruining it? (bizarre it should have that effect) if i download a different skin may it help? cant believe such a fundamental oversight hasnt been reported/ fixed
  6. advice above didnt work, had already tried updated database (with summer transfers etc) - downloaded from sigames i think default skin. tried refreshing / deleting cache in preferences, and reloading skin. also tried going into overview on club page as suggested. - no option to apply as you can see, there's a lot of jobs going but all the options to apply or declare interest are greyed out. very peculiar screenshot - apologies, taken as a photo as was easier than using paint etc any ideas? im stuck unable to apply for anything
  7. thanks, i'll check that out tonight when home and see if it works. im pretty sure i have tried that but i may be wrong I've managed to find available jobs its just teh fact the buttons to apply for the jobs are greyed which is the problem. i'll give your advice a go. tks
  8. Hi, i'm using the default skin on fm2015. i started unemployed but am unable to apply for any jobs. i go to job centre and cant apply, go to job security and find the clickon drop down boxes saying something like 'declare interest in job' and 'apply for job' but both are greyed out. i have tried playing on full screen and windowed in case it was an issue of a button missing due to being cropped by wondow size (long shot) and I have tried forwarding a week or waiting til matchday is over etc and applying at different times in the week in case some functions are disbled at certain points (i.e. if a game is on) but still nothing. always greyed out. its the same for all clubs, big teams or brazilian lower league teams so not a reputation thing. what am i doing wrong? i cant believe its an oversight in the game, i must be being stupid somehow? (i would imagine such a huge bug would have been remedied months ago) please advise cheers
  9. Mario Kempes surely has to be placed at Valencia. he played most of his games for us and scored most of his goals for us. hugo sanchez - real madrid the gentle giant and legend John Charles - Leeds United
  10. spanish fourth tier. a very interesting regionalised set-up japan egypt (africa needs much more depth) morocco vietnam
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