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  1. I've noticed the same thing, you can pretty much predict who you'll draw.
  2. Just came on here to say exactly the same thing - if VAR after a goal then it's disallowed, if VAR for a penalty then it's a penalty.
  3. 53 on Sunday, been playing CM since the first Amiga version in the early 90's.
  4. When I turned down a previous offer my whole squad complained about the way i was treating their team mate and holding back his career. The simple solution would be to overhaul the options so that there is an option to tell the squad that the player demanded a move, rather than all the options making it out my fault. This was actually the third time, and when it happened in my previous save when I refused to sell a player the season fell apart and I ended up sacked.
  5. I'm currently still in my first season (end of January) and top of League One with Portsmouth 7 points ahead of second place Sunderland, who came in with a not very good non-negotiable offer for one of my best players, so I rejected it, he then came to me complaining that I wouldn't sell him even though selling to my main rivals was totally unacceptable, he threatened to upset the squad harmony if I didn't sell him, so I had to accept when Sunderland came in again, and now the whole squad are unhappy I sold him, and there is not one option to explain it was his choice and he demanded to move, and all the choices to explain to the squad make it sound like my choice and my fault. This is something that really pissed me off with previous versions of FM and I'd really hoped it would be sorted by now
  6. I've noticed similar myself with my team hardly ever scoring penalties, and penalty shootouts can be even worse, had one occassion where the shootout ended 3-2 after 20 penalties, but what is strange is none of the penalty misses were actually misses ie wide/high, hit post or crossbar, they were all saved by the keepers (same as in normal matches, they were saved rather than missed).
  7. Is there anyway to get FM17 Touch working on an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet? I know it's not in the Amazon App Store, but I have the Google Play Store installed and can install and run apps from there, but it still says incompatible with my device. Cheers
  8. It's the addition of social media stuff that has put me off buying FM, and this year is the first time I've never bought it on day of release or pre-ordered it (and i've been playing it since the very first back in the early 90's on the Amiga). I'd already got very bored of the press and media stuff as even with letting my assistant handle everything except the actual transfers, I still got pestered for some things (eg welcoming players, being asked about future tranfers etc) and after a short while getting asked the same questions over and over and only have the same stock responses which most of the time never bore any resembalance to what I'd actually want to say, got extremelly tredious, so the last thing I wanted to see was more of it with social media (something I don't even bother with in real life).
  9. Quick update: Season 2027/28 - failed to defend the PL title and finished 3rd, won the Champions League, FA Cup and Community Shield. Season 2028/29 - Bit of a disasterous season as finished 6th, S/F Capital One Cup, 4th Rnd FA Cup, 1st Knock-out Rnd CL, but did win the World Club Cup. Lost 4 of my best players in the close season as they wanted to leave for CL football and didn't think my team was good enough to qualify even though we'd won it recently. I didn't want to sell, so the rest of the squad complained, so I gave in and they complained at me selling our best players. The board only giving me £2m transfer funds and 30% of sales didn't help with replacements.
  10. Finished Season 2026/27 and it was pretty successful - Won the premier League Title and the Capital Cup, lost in the FA Cup 5th Rnd, Finished 3rd in the CL group and got to thr Q/F of the Europa League.
  11. 2025/26 all finished - managed to get 4th spot in the Premier League, but lost on away goals to Sporting Lisbon in the CL Q/F and to Arsenal 3-2 in the FA Cup S/F after leading 2-0:( Flukely unearthed a gem in the Jan transfer window, with Francisco Pereira a 20 yo Argentine striker my scouts didn't rate, but I signed anyway as he had decent stats and I thought he do as a back-up striker as he didn't need registering, he ended up starting and scored so I left him in and he ended the season with 21 goals in 24 games (12 in 15 games + 3 assists in the league) with a 7.58 average.
  12. Sometimes I drop one of the strikers back to the MC, drop the AM R & L to M R and M L or have 2 DMC's depending on the opponents. The LB isn't my first choice one, as the other is much better, but he becasme an England Intenational and wants to play regularly, so I'm rotating atm to try and get him happy to stay again. I haven't had a really good regen yet, the best being just good to be a back-up squad player, but have I bought a few good ones - most of my squad are now regens all those under 27 anyway.
  13. I don't have screen shots of last season, but this is my current side - currently 7th in the Prem, 2-0 up over AC Milan in the CL 1st knockout round and in the Q/F of the FA Cup.
  14. Finished Season 2024/25 in 7th place, but won the FA Cup and Europa League so in next seasons CL.
  15. Absolutely gutted:( at the end of January and 2nd in the Premier League only 3 points off the top, and 12 points ahead of 5th and I've had to sell my top goal scorer as he wanted to leave and was getting the hump at me refusing offers for him, untill Real Madrid offered £40m (his release clause), and to make matters worse my players and fans are annoyed at me selling him, even though I had no choice and didn't want to, and in the options to answer not one was to say I had no choice, and all options made it sound like I wanted to sell him:(
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