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  1. Played them all since Champ Man. 61 now and still playing.
  2. I think you will find that van Nistelrooy's injury put the move on hold and the transfer was only completed after his recovery. That's if my memory is working today!
  3. Nottingham Forest originally played on the Forest Recreation Ground to the north of the city, from which they get their name. This is the site of the original Nottingham Racecourse in the 19th century and now used for the annual Goose Fair. It is nowhere near Sherwood forest.
  4. I was born in Nottingham and have lived here most of my life (58 years) and have never heard the name "Tricky Trees" until FM used it. My Forest supporting mates are also at a loss as to why this has been used. I support Notts Co so I won't mention my nickname for them
  5. No, just chop their hands off. That should stop it
  6. So the OP cannot find anything on google. I just tried "fm07 graphics" as a search and found plenty of hits.
  7. Old Trafford at 100,000 in 2013
  8. Same on mine. I've got no idea how to stop it.
  9. Whenever a player gets sent off I make a note and warn or fine them based on their own disciplinary records. It seems to work for me.
  10. Look at it this way. I have a player under contract. He has not asked for a move and I do not wish to sell. You can offer me all the money in the world and if I do not to sell that's the end of it. On FM09 as Man U I had repeated stupid offers for Ronaldo and Rooney and turned them down. Seems reasonable to me.
  11. Whatever is playing on Planet Rock.
  12. The trouble with commentary in sports games is that it soon becomes very repetitive and boring. I always turn the commentators off.
  13. I am 57 and play every day. I hope never to stop and that my dying words are "Just one more game!"
  14. Perhaps it would help if "None" was replaced with "Keep it up. Your doing OK". That's how I interpret "None" and it seems to work for me.
  15. You can build a very good gaming PC for £500. And have plenty of scope for further improvement, if you know what you are doing and shop smart.