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  1. I haven't posted at all in the last 6 months but those of you who go into the challenges/signups thread will know me, I own every version from 99/00 to FM2008 and played them religiously but unfortunatly I lost interest in the game in Feb/March and haven't felt the need to pick the game up again and start afresh. Every year there is alot of hype into the next version of FM and tons of pressure on Sigames to deliver what would be considered a quality product, having looked at Miles' video's and the new screenshots I can but hope that FM2009 reignites the flame that made me fall in love with it in the first place and I for one once again will be pre-ordering the game and looking forward to it's release. Freelio.
  2. Congratulations!! Such a shame to see the mighty Chelsea relegated too </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Being a chelsea fan myself it was quite heartbreaking for me as it was my victory against them with 5 games left that consigned them to relegation . I realise that the season is 38 games long but I still feel partially to blame.
  3. FINALLY!!!! Chippenham are the 2030/2031 Premiership champions. Me winning the premiership was like waiting for a bus, Previously all I had won was the UEFA cup (quite an achievement in itself!) and suddenly all in 1 season I won: F.A Cup Carling Cup Community Shield Premiership 2030/2031 Premiership table, note Chelsea! The Boys that done me proud! I still can't win the Champions League though, for the last 2 years I have gone out against Porto who have gone on to be winners and runners-up in those 2 seasons. Chippenhams stadium is now a healthy 46137 all seater with undersoil heating. I just want to add that I'm going to continue this challenge until I win the Champions League!
  4. You should go to the website, I'm sure you can get a Prescot Cables savegame there!!
  5. Having spent 7 seasons so far in the Premiership without winning the title and after my unlucky last day of last season being beaten into top spot by Fulham I was pleasantly surprised to see myself as favourite for the 2030/2031 season. Lets just hope I can live up to my favourites tag. Premiership odds!
  6. Club 1000

    I'm in the club! 1000 Although I'm nowhere near as sucessful as KaNovi, all I've won is the Uefa Cup.
  7. Wow, yet another transfer. A La liga medal but I'm not happy about being subbed against Man City. Glad to be getting more game time for the national side and repaying the faith with goals and quality performances! Glad to see that you are still on this WW
  8. So many questions, all about to be answered! Kccircle- My actual formation is now 4-1-3-2-0, I changed it when I moved up to the Premiership because I wanted to score more goals. Jimbo: 1.At first I only had 1 front man but wasn't scoring enough goals but I decided to go for 2 which has served me well for 3 seasons now, the idea was to make it more of a team game and not just rely on my strikers because if he/they have an off day then you will struggle. In all competitions: Goals and assists from def- 7 goals(20 assists) Goals and assists from Def mid- 18 goals (6 assists) Goals and assist from Mid- 29 goals (44 assists) Goals and assists from Att Mid with farrows- 56 goals (30 assists). Just for the record I am battering teams but that's the SOT to goal ratio thing. 2.Radoslaw Beben, I did retrain him for the Right Back pos. 3. Scott Cousins was a real player (he's since retired), I bought him on a free 10/7/2008 4.McClelland was a monster but there was only so much he could do he struggled a bit when we were in league 1 so I had to let him go. 5.Nathan Joynes was a players for me in the lower leagues when I actually played with a striker. Stinger- Don't laugh, last season in all competitions I didn't concede that many in fact only 42 goals in the prem (2nd best defence). Keepers stats in all competitions: Paolo Cesar (first choice) pl 52/ conceded 53/ Clean sheets 17/ Avg 7.06 Rene Heerkens (back up) pl 6/ conceded 7/ Clean sheets 2/ Avg 7.33 Mehmet Aygun (crap youth) pl 1/ conceded 2/ Clean sheets 0/ Avg 8.00 Sorry if this seems like an essay I just wanted to answer all questions!
  9. I know you were only joking, but any chance you could post you all time best eleven and the history player of any "legend" of your choice. Pretty please. Congrats on the UEFA Cup . Ot's a shame about the low attendance but I suppose there are bigger fish to fry in the bugs forum. Haven't read your thread but I will do later. Congratulations again . </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Cheers Jimbo As you requested: Chippenham's overall best 11 in 19 seasons! My current record appearance holder! As I said any screenshot-apart from retired players history and stats from 19 seasons available on request
  10. The maximum capacity at Oriel Park is 12000. So the only problem is that UEFA decided to hold the final at a fairly low capacity ground. Congrats on the trophy </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thanks! I've posted THIS issue in the bugs forum.
  11. I was just checking all my confidences to see what the board thought of my progress, look at the statement they make about my bank balance. I bloody hope they don't!
  12. After 19 years of: 1.Failed Cup runs (best being semi-final) 2.5 Promotions (BSS to Premiership) 3.Yo-yoing bank balance 4.Constant player changes 5.Constant staff changes 6.Fear of mediocrity Chippenham town F.C have just been crowned Uefa cup champions for the season 2025/2026 with a 2-0 AET victory over Panionios. Uefa cup success Now this may be a bug but take a look at the stadium and capacity for a Uefa cup final, I was hoping for a bit more attendance money but I won so what the hey!! 19 years of screenshots available on request!!
  13. International challenge

    Tahiti in the OCE Nations Cup. OCE nations cup preliminary matches: Tahiti 0-1 Tonga Solomon Islands 1-1 Tahiti Tahiti 2-1 New Caledonia Tahiti 3-0 Cook Islands Those results 'somehow' saw me qualify for the OCE Nations cup. Tahiti 1-3 Solomon Islands Tahiti 0-0 Fiji Tahiti 0-2 PNG New Zealand 7(seven)-0 Tahiti, Total humiliation but no surprise Seeing as I qualified I moved up 9 places to 174 in the rankings.