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  1. Hey all, So I've created a database where I edited the league structure of the top 10 nations in CONCACAF and created two continental cups similar to Europe but when I tested the database in the game and holidayed 10 years into the future the reputations of the competitions that I edited never changed. Is there a way to fix this? I want to see if I can get the leagues in North America to rival Europe for the highest reputable leagues in the world but if the reputations never change then that won't be possible. Thanks in advance!
  2. So ever since the winter update, on my MacBook Pro, I have had trouble getting my game to load up. First the game would get stuck on the load screen and after deleting Cache and Preference folders and verifying Cache it still wouldn't work until I reinstalled the game. I backed up all of my saves, tactics/set pieces, editor data and graphics so when I went into the game and it loaded it would work until I went to reload the skin then it would either sit there saying that it is loading the skin, which would sit like that for an hour till I force quit the game, or it would crash the game all together and wouldn't load back up. After reinstalling the game and trying different things many times I finally got the game to work when I added all of my backed up files back except for the graphic that I had previously had working before the update. So then I would try redownloading some graphics (kits or logos) I would try again with only placing one of those into the graphics folder and the same problem occurred where the game would crash or get stuck on the loading screen. Any help would be great! I can still play the game but with no graphics it's not as enjoyable and I would love to have those working again. Thanks.
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