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  1. Also check out Lemos and Mere for cheaper but high potential alternatives
  2. I'd say Laporte is more of a Ball Playing Defender than Gimenez, just to throw another name in the hat Romagnoli has been excellent for me in that role and is probably easier to buy in the first window. The others may not be interested until you secure Champs League football
  3. You get your season 2 budget before the end of season 1. I had sold a lot of players too. I got him for £63m. You could always pay over 24-48 months to reduce that seasons budget less
  4. On the first point, no, the board tried to reduce but I kept all of the scouts I had at the club on monthly deals when their initial contracts ran out. Griezmann - I was able to sign him (he appeared on the realistic targets list) as soon as I secured Champions League football in the 1st season. I went on to win the league but hadn't when I agreed his deal Hope that helps
  5. Posting here as I am not sure it's a bug as such. All of a sudden some graphics aren't showing correctly, almost like it changed overnight a couple of weeks back. Some players seem to be missing faces (some have no silhouette). In the tactics view the "square" shape around each player doesn't show, oh and when I try to view the match analysis or click on any element of the review (e.g highest pass combination) my game crashes. has anyone else come across this? I have used some face/logo patches but they all worked fine before this sudden change
  6. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! stunning read, thanks for sharing. As a fellow fan of Ajax saves I wanted to know how you plan to use the following players: Cerny Nouri (could these 2 be effective both centrally and wide) Van Der Beek
  7. For me he started to play better as a B2B with get further forward and more risky passes. I played a BWM (D) next to him, had toyed with the idea of moving to a more fluid setup to see if that frees him up more
  8. Cheers, I'm running something similar but always want to go asymmetric, do you have your SS and F9 both central?
  9. What formation did you use that game? CF, SS and 2 IFs? What roles for the CMs?
  10. I can confirm the tipping point for the Juve board when buying Dybala is £200m. End of season 1 without him being unsettled. Had £130m and plenty of great youngsters in all positions so I went for it (£50m and £150m over 3 years). Him + Griezmann should be a great partnership
  11. Cheers, will check him out. Went a bit crazy with Youth signings so will see if any look like stepping up at the start of season 2. Managed to give Angel Gomes 15 games so far in season 1 and he's developing nicely, hope to get Tuanzebe some games in season 2 (he's on loan season 1)
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