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  1. To add to this, when I look at my scouting cards in ''list'' the acknowledge box disappears.
  2. Incase you can't tell, I'm not very good tactically. Shame because I love this game!
  3. Anyone found anything that works well/is kind of an exploit but not cheating? my villa save needs it, 18th and lost 4-1 to Burnley
  4. Doubt it since some of the partnered creators are doing FM21 streams tonight
  5. I think i'm going to try to do a Moneyball save with Motherwell. Tried in FM21 and failed but with the data hub it may be easier now.
  6. Do you think this would work with FM22 / If not, are you making a tactic for FM22? Thank you
  7. One thing I noticed. The creators versions of the game says ''alpha version'' but the version played on the FM stream said ''beta version'' and Miles said that they couldn't get text that says ''alpha version'' (for whatever reason) - so I'd imagine the videos was recorded before Friday/unsure why Miles said this.
  8. My gut says Wednesday or Thursday since last year we had the ''FM21 preview'' 5 days before release.
  9. First Beta - Aston Villa First Full Game - Rochdale (been to a few games with a mate, the mate bought me FM22 this year, only fair I take Rochdale to the Champions League*) *end up sacked
  10. Just got a laptop with the following specs - Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable) Gathering this'll run 150k+ players with no issues?
  11. Pretty sure its normally 2 weeks before release, so I'll guess around 25th October
  12. Sorry if this is going to be in the game, but from the screens I've seen so far I haven't seen this as a feature. As an example - If I'm doing a moneyball save with Brentford, and I wanted to have a player with good clearances per 90. Could I go to my analyst and get him to give me a list of all the players in my scouting package that are above my minimum for that requirement? (Example 1.4 clearances per 90, so my analysts would only give me players that have above 1.4 per 90) - I know your analysts look for players when doing scouting assignments and you can select certain data based filters (clearances per 90, key headers, etc) but I don't think we can set what the minimum of that is yet? Thanks for all your work and I look forward to FM22!
  13. in the Villa test I had no Grealish for 7 months of the season. Finished 4th, Only conceded 38 goals. Also tested with Rochdale and finished 2nd with 88 Points. Rochdale predicted 21st.
  14. Starting a save with if brommapojkarna tomorrow (Swedish third tier with 20 youth recruitment) - going to make this the tactic I use throughout the save. Excited to try this out. Will give it a holiday test with Aston Villa later!
  15. Hi guys, sorry if this is wrong place to post Looking for tactic that I can use to overachieve but actually plays nice passing football instead of going direct? any help? thank you
  16. What version would you recommend the most?
  17. Done a holiday test on 442WARRIOR - All I did was leave the training to my assistant and go on holiday. safe to say it works
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