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  1. Just ignore them until they have a year left then try and get a good deal or sell. At Sevilla i've created a world class squad refusing to pay more than 100k/week to a player simply by getting a class player who's relatively unknown get them on 4-5yr deal they turn into world class, if they demand silly wages then sell for 30mill+, i now have 130mill transfer budget and world class squad. Never bow to ridiculous wage demands imo it's needless.
  2. Used a 3-5-2 with Sevilla for 4years, made 2 european finals and won the league last season. I've used two CMs with an AM. fifth season though isn't going well, partly down to not having good tactic familiarity start of this season (stupid idea by si imo) so probably going to modify it slightly but keep 5 at the back as the full backs create so many goals.
  3. Sevilla, great infrastructure, good youngsters, perfect club to build up.
  4. They'll offer you one no doubt, but may leave it very very late.
  5. Wow seems like i'm uber lenient compared to most here lol. Very rarely have i got in an argument with a player, and have never fined any. Biggest falling out i've had is with a young Ukranian keeper i signed on a free who is very promising, after all only 3 games into the season he complained for not playing and ended him requesting a transfer within 5weeks of being at the club lol...
  6. Check your wingers preferred moves, preferably they'll have runs with ball often etc.
  7. In Spain i get Barca and Real within the first 5games as standard.
  8. Into the 5th season, not too much wrong with it imo. Not 100% perfect but no game is.
  9. Liverpool didn't win the cup, what's going on SI.
  10. Just starting my 4th season with Sevilla, we just scraped 4th last season finishing 36pts behind the unstoppable Barcelona who have only lost 6 league games in the past 3 seasons. Then i see they've signed Neymar and write this 2nd league game of the season off completely. Then this happens... (Edited pic to show both teams, my team on left ofc) Just in shock! amazing.
  11. He got the Fulham job in the 1st season, then got the Newcastle job when they were struggling in PL 2nd season, he guided them to 5th then 12th... still there start of 4th season
  12. In his second season at Getafe, still averaging over 7.
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