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  1. Hello everyone. I have basic knowledge of editing XML files and creating graphics, but would like to be much better. Is there a place where I can find detailed tutorials on how XML files work, from a-z? For example a complete list of which IDs, values and so on exist in panel files? Basically just a guide or skinning bible to help newcomers become better? If not, I wonder how on earth did the real hardcore skinners ever found all this out on there own? Just be trying and learning or? That just seems quite insane imo looking at the amount of different files associated with skinning. Anyway I have read all the sticky guides on these forums, specially michaels panels guides, which are superb, but still quite specific on minor tweaks (changing sidebar dimensions, adding tv logos ect). I'm looking for more general guidance. Thanks.
  2. Which integrer IDs do i use if i add a whole New Club to the list? Are they predefined or just choosen from a random number as long as it is not used elsewhere In the xml file?
  3. RELEASED 29.11.2014 BRAND NEW RELEASE FOR FM15: Christmas comes early this year! Just days after the hotfix 15.1.4 for FM15 was released, making the game much more enjoyable, my buddy Emil Debski over at SortItOutSI has finished up his work on this amazing new addition to complete the FM experience. The pack includes over 1600 new fresh looking hairstyles from all over the world, to make you never wanna play the game again without it! Try them out yourself, and see what I am talking about, it will make you wanna keep even the most rubbish of newgens, just because they look so good ! Everything tested on light and dark skins, working like a charm. Save game compatible, and goes perfectly along other installed graphics (hairpacks, logos, kits and so on…). ENJOY!!! DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7uncex81oedod44/DEBSKIS_WORLD_OF_HAIRSTYLES_1.0.rar UPDATE 30.11.2014 EXTRA BONUS: In order to complete the hairpack, i recommend you to download this add-on as well, which replaces the default SI hair with a much cleaner looking version. In my opinion many of the default hairstyles are not perfectly cut-out, looking messy when using specially dark skins with white pixelation left around them. On top of this, the default FM styles will be wearing the same shirt like the ones from the main pack, making all players wear the same style, giving them shoulders as well avoiding to make them look like heads on sticks figures. The add on corrects: -Color and saturation of default hairstyles -Sharp edges without blur/pixelation -Adds shirts to heads -Resized some hairstyles to look more natural -3D/shadowing added on long hairstyles and more... DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/?z48n9io78q2dqfv
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