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  1. Hi, End of 4th season I got the option to agree to an investment which I did. My transfer funds increased from 15M to 143M. Wages remained the same. Start 5th season the funds dropped from 143M to 53M. ?!?
  2. Hi, True about the clean sheets was looking back at my results and got hardly any clean sheets over the entire season. What I've noticed re the recommended players' roles they're not necessarily the best option as the player himself might prefer a different role or the fellow CM or DC might already been assigned the same role. I usually assign a different role for each CM or striker etc. Then again the same role gives a 9 or 10 one game and a 5 the next. Feels like poking in the dark at times.
  3. Hi, I hardly used this loan option in my early FM/FMH days but gotta say I love loaning players out now and follow their progress. Some good points made in the above posts. Definitely hope the loan feature gets expanded with more possibilities.
  4. To add to scenario 1 in above post.. New season mid September I get the message from said exchange player: "player X has announced he's withdrawing his request to leave Manchester United. He's now happy at the club." Going to his profile page he's clearly not at Man U anymore. So it is a bug.
  5. Hi, Based on countless attempts on previous FMHs generally speaking I fail to match the success I achieve with in-game formations vs the custom ones. Coincidence or are in-game formations 'favored' by the AI.. just strikes me as odd. I have yet to test it on FMH2015 but oftentimes when I start out with a customized formation I end up switching back to an in-game one due to average results. Custom formations work for you?
  6. Nice debate indeed, TX for the link, Dec. I've read a LOT of mixed feelings about the game and basically people either love or hate the new engine. I've spent dunno how many hours on previous FMHs and I never rushed thru seasons like apparently many on that link do. A season in 2 hours? 2 seasons a day??? Geez that's more like a clicking marathon LOL. To each his own of course but for me none of that. I love tinkering around before I enter my next match, enjoy following it, making adjustments, contemplating what subs and when, making mental notes of the rights and wrongs as I observe the spectacle unfold etc..I enjoy the experience rather than rushing thru it so for me FMH2015 is well worth it. Still plenty on the wish list I'd like to see implemented but loving it so far. Tho I can imagine it being a big pain in the butt to those who're accustomed to rushing thru their careers. It boils down to the kind of player you are.
  7. Hi, something I think I haven't seen mentioned before. How about some different pitches throughout the season. Icy or snowy pitch on Boxing Day with an orange ball just gives the game a better feel.
  8. Hi, Little trouble finding the right training regime for one of my players. Apparently something isn't to his liking. Tweaked waited a month..unhappy..tweaked waited..unhappy still. Do I wait longer than a month to find out if the new regime works? Did I tweak into a new 'unhappy' regime? Some info greatly appreciated. + maybe some detailed clarification from the players' perspective as in .."X player finds fitness training too intense". It's poking in the dark for now..
  9. For me I never believed in the same tactic for all teams. Maybe there is such thing but sounds unlikely to me. I make sure my best 5-6 players in my squad play in their natural position whatever formation that needs to be and the rest in their natural or accomplished position. give em their preferred role or recommended one as alternative. Thats my starting point. Generally my first seasons a rollercoaster of good and bad results. With tweaks here and there and 2-3 new players the 2nd season goes much better. For attacking formations I mostly use offside trap and pressing for defensive ones behind ball and counter attack. So I base my "tactics" on available players -> formation -> tactics.
  10. Hi, Please no international call ups for the recuperating ones. Hate seeing my unfit players represent their countries before they have returned to full training. Thanks biggie!
  11. Hey maybe you are missing something like you say, dunno. I've been playing for years but still learning new stuff as I go and as updated versions appear. Maybe do a few challenges instead. They're fun and useful and you'll learn a lot from them. They definitely test your managerial skills. Don't give up just yet.
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