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  1. maybe advice the Stiker to Shoot more often ?
  2. Heyo Guys, i was wondering if anyone could help me setting up my Training. Actually i only got a few Questions: 1. I am playing a 5-2-1-2 System. All my players are completly good on their Positions but should i let them Focus on the Position or on certain Attributes? 2. Currently i am letting them Train Defense, Attack and Fittnes (all to 33%) in the Teamtraining but is that ok or would they profit if also focus on the other parts? 3. How do i improve my Coaching abilities or does it only work with applying for a higher coaching license? Would be great if you could help. I also appologize for maybe opening a thread that might already exist, i didnt find any helpful thread. Cheers. edit: i am playing in a German low league forgot to mention that
  3. @js150 your Tactic works great ! i just adjusted the CB to have Stopper Cover Stopper (to strengthen the Defense) other than that it works. Playing in Gibraltar (13/0/0 streak) right now after having won the CL with Gladbach (Germany) and Liverpool ...all using that tactic
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