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  1. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    Will start new long-term save with Chelsea. No transfers allowed Any recommendations on which formation to use?
  2. Yes, I did. I'm embarrassed Sassuolo is a team right? Can I still use 5-4-1 Diamond WB? EDIT: oh man, just count me in And get me a formation quickly
  3. 5-4-1 Diamond WB count me in as Mainz.
  4. Czech Republic vs Croatia - KO 5pm

    Luka Modrić is the best central midfielder in the world. We have been very good, I expect more from Mandžukić. And bring Kramarić in
  5. Traore returned late from Internationals. As Willian and Oscar (Thank God) I think.
  6. English superstars of the future

    Start of 3rd season.
  7. Average for team training, assistant manager took care of individual training. Youth over everything
  8. Nothing special, just Balanced with a lot of individual training.
  9. All of them Wonderkids except Loftus-Cheek. Solanke is beast btw.
  10. Nice one mate. Because of my domination in 3rd season, I'm thinking to using just my Youth Academy for getting players in. It will be tough, but I need challange so it could be interesting if I can win all titles with players from my youth academy.
  11. FM15: What Team Should I Be?

    Searching team with worst finances and no budget for a tough challange.
  12. Request a screenshot thread

    Well he is better in my game on start of 3rd season.
  13. Request a screenshot thread

    2016 if helps. Looks great.
  14. I need to share this with you guys. He was beast last season even when he wanted to leave club when I sold Christian Cuevas.