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  1. Is it normally around April that you get your newgens to look at/assess ?
  2. There's nothing wrong with that. Have a look at a lot of the guys streaming FM20 on twitch. They all spend ages on backroom stuffs
  3. Anyone noticing much of a difference since the last update?
  4. Thanks KUBI Now to decide whether I should start again or just keep going ( I'm just at the start of January first season )
  5. If I don't start a new game, what am I actually missing out on in this update?
  6. Im getting injuries all over the place atm after updating to latest patch
  7. GR3NDAL, What do you have Arp playing as? I can't get him scoring regularly
  8. How are you getting prices like that? Are you offering players out at those prices or are you having clubs come to you offering those prices??
  9. How did you get your transfer budget up that high? Unbelievable sales ?
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