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  1. GR3NDAL, What do you have Arp playing as? I can't get him scoring regularly
  2. How are you getting prices like that? Are you offering players out at those prices or are you having clubs come to you offering those prices??
  3. How did you get your transfer budget up that high? Unbelievable sales ?
  4. Anyone got a cool tactic they would be willing to upload for me to give a go and have a tinker with?
  5. How are people's Regen intakes going in your Liverpool saves ? Are people finding it easier to get good regens by just searching ?
  6. Thanks FrazT, Yeah steam was loaded onto ssd. Too small to have more than a couple of games installed. Wanted it on D which has tonnes more room..
  7. Is it possible to install Steam to a new drive other than my C drive which is where windows is? If so, what folder should I be installing to ? I've already tried to on my D drive where I thought I could just set my destination folder as programfilesx86 but it says the folder must be empty?
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