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  1. Is this an example of the FM18 three striker exploit I have been hearing about?
  2. I have a question about the relationship of squad dynamics, team leaders, and team captains that I would love to hear your opinions on. As part of the squad dynamics systems, a pyramid identifies a handful of players who are "team leaders." While the leadership trait of the individual players does appear to play a role, it does not seem to directly correlate to the personal leadership trait level of the player. I seems, to the layman like me, that skill level relative to the team and club tenure plays a larger role in determining the "team leaders" within squad dynamics. So, my question is: what is the effect of the player's position within the team hierarchy system when choosing a captain or vice captain for the season? Is it better to choose a team leader with lower traits? Is the leadership trait more important? Does it even matter? For example, who would you choose as your team captain? Player A: Balanced Personality; Leadership level 8; "Team Leader" in squad dynamics; or Player B: Fairly Professional Personality; Leadership level 14; "Influential Player" in squad dynamics.
  3. When closing out games, I typically will maintain the formation I am in - but clear all instruction and select only the following: contain, very fluid, retain possession.
  4. Is there any known difference in allowing a General Manager to control the youth intake?
  5. I load them all with no issues and the market does not seem flooded to me. Typically play about three or four seasons with lower league teams, before growing bored and trying a new save.
  6. In the United States most professional athletes salaries are discussed in annual terms.
  7. I had the same issue with a Portsmouth save I had - going from league two to league one. It may be a bug.
  8. I had this issue as well in second season (2017). Invited to join a U23 and U18, but then no league or schedule loads.
  9. You have a very attacking formation with little support for your wing backs. Your midfield roles should probably be revised to allow them to defensively support your left and right backs. I am not a expert -and perhaps others on here can do better, but if it were me I would try: a) remove "look for overlap" as this shout works best when you have wingers in front of your fullbacks; b) change you LCM to a defensive CM to help cover for the LB or pull your CM back into a more traditional DM position; and c) change your RCM to a support CM or perhaps a box to box midfielder.
  10. Portsmouth have been my go to team in FM for the past few years.
  11. I have far too many regen players that resemble Bevis and Butthead.
  12. I have struggled with the ball winning midfielder and the rate of fouls he pick up. In my experience it is rare for for a BWM-S to finish a game with at least a yellow card. I was wondering if anyone had advice on creating a midfield ball winner that was not a continuous threat to be red carded every game?
  13. I have had this issue with a couple of game saves since the winter patch (16.3.1) Official Football Manager 2016 Winter Update Database. I have been playing as Portsmouth in England. The database run cleanly until March, typically around the time of youth intake. The "staff search" database then begins to run at a snails pace --- unless I uncheck the "Realistic Transfers" filters. Then it runs smoothly. Check the "realistic transfers" filters and the database slows down again. I would appreciate any advice if anyone else has seen this. If not, is it perhaps a bug? I did not have this issue with databases of the same size on v16.2. I have attached a saved game file to see if this perhaps replicates on another PC. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum or has been covered before in other thread. I was unable to locate any utilizing the search feature. A game file has been uploaded to: ftp://ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/RealisticTransferSlow.rar All the best, The Poacher
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