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  1. I asked the same question some time ago on the touch forum but got no response, i'll try my luck here. I play FM touch mostly because I don't want to put 30+ hours in for one season. Touch works brilliant for me. I just can't understand why we can't upgrade our facilities to the highest level. It's been this way for years. You never get the option to ask to upgrade your youth facilities once you've reached level 8. You can ask for the training facilities but they never accept once you've reached level 8. What's the thought behind this? Is it bad for the game when players reach full potential?
  2. Jamal Musiala has declared for Germany. Can this be put in before the last data update?
  3. What's the reason you can't get your youth facilities past level 8? At least you can't ask your board about. This has been in the game for at least 3 years. Is there any reason for it. Will you be able to get max potential out of your youth on fm touch?
  4. I don't get why there isn't more talk about it. It's literally game breaking if you want to play as a club with a b-squad. Devellop young players for the first team? No not for you, anyone in your b-team is stuck there forever. People who play with Bayern or Barcelona, just tell me how and why? You don't mind it?
  5. I read everywhere that you should add key staff when you manage in llm. I did a test run in 5th division germany and come february, all the clubs are in debt because they can't afford the wages of the key staff. Is this normal or a bug? Or should you just really not add any key staff?
  6. The game prevents you from doing it only after the last sub has been brought onto the field. But as long as that didn't happen you can make all the subs you want. For example, when you've made 4 subs, you can make another 2 when you do them at the same time
  7. I started a quick save with chelsea and left the transfers for the u23 to my co trainer. It's 19 september and he has signed 4 goalkeepers already. The u23 got 9 goalkeepers in total, 5 currently at the club I uploaded a file to the si clouds "chelsea bug u23"
  8. Seeing as this topic is still going I just want to say this. Smurf recommended me a laptop 2 years ago and it has been fantastic the whole time (and still going fantastic) Thanks again for this
  9. The crying on here is unbelievable. Its like fm is the worst game ever. Especially the ones that are posting other games as example. Go play those then ffs. But if you look at it another way its pretty normal there's only complaints here. The people that enjoy the game are too busy playing it
  10. Question: Is this the SI forums or the " I hate FM but spend my time complaining about it instead of simply not buying it and moving on with my life" forums?
  11. Is the bug that you can't upgrade your youth facility passed level 8 fixed for fm21? You never get the option to asked the board for it You get the option for your training facilty but the board denies it everytime. Even with half a billion in the bank
  12. I just got the brexit terms. One of them is a minimum of 40k/month salary to play first division football. As Rangers fc manager I will manage. Celtic will be alright too. But for the rest of the league this seems to be impossible. Will they all go bankrupt and will I have my own league with just Celtic? Has anyone played this senario in scotland? Don't want to waste time finding out next (game) year if the game is going to crash anyway
  13. Playing as fc bayern munchen. 1/8 finale against fc porto. 13000 empty seats. 600 away fans. Both numbers are unrealistic. Also, apparently no one at SI watches champions league football because the whole section behind the goal is empty. I now it's because of the standing places but you surely know that's not the case in real life. Btw I'm top of the league if you think that would be an excuse for the low attendance
  14. Oke, so Cavani will perfrom better as a f9 in orange than poacher in green? Because the tactic needs a f9 to be successfull?
  15. BEOWULF 4231. Great tacktic. Just one question. Why the f9 when all good strikers aren't suited for it. Are all the other striker roles that bad?
  16. How does it work? What are the factors that determine it? How come Leon Bailey and Isco have more than Salah, van Dijk, Asensio, Lukaku,....?
  17. The bug of the afc. Normally the teams from west asia will only face a team from east asia in the final. But in this fm edition, in round 2 all the teams from east asia face a team from west asia at home. The bug has been raised in the bug forum and acknowledged. So i'm confidant a patch will fix it. My question is, will it be fixed in my current ongoing game or will I have to start a new game? If that's the case, you owe me 24 hours of my life
  18. When I pick a custom database and toggle players with national reputation from all continents. Does it mean current players or will it be early updated with newgens? For example: Will I be getting a good load of mexican newgens without selecting the league?
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